Promoting, sharing and uniting kindness interviews Kindness UK
Smile interviews Kindness UK for their ‘Friday Give Back’ blog - January 23rd 2013

Sounds a bit silly, but every stopped and wondered how kind you are? I know there is a lot of stuff going on everyday, bad things happen, you get rotten news, people piss you off but it doesn’t mean we all have to be the same, does? It doesn’t have to be anything big, maybe saying good morning to someone rather than look down all day, hold a door open or calling a friend who is having a hard time. Yesterday I helped an old lady in the supermarket pack her shopping, she was so grateful she offered me a pound, I didn’t take it but how sweet of her?

Today, on Friday Feel Good, I am interviewing Hattie from Kindness UK, an independent and humanitarian organisation based in London which delivers initiatives, unbiased information and research about kindness. They think that each day should be filled with kindness and they aim is to promote, share and unite on this basis. Want to know more, then read on.

Tell me a bit about Kindness UK
Kindness UK believes that each day should be filled with kindness and our aim is to promote, share and unite on this basis.Kindness UK is an independent and humanitarian organisation based in London which delivers initiatives, unbiased information and research on the subject of kindness. We consider kindness in all its forms (towards people, the environment and the animal kingdom) to be a fundamental drive for positive social change.

Why was it started and by whom?
Kindness has a greater part to play in these rapidly changing global socio-economic times. David Jamilly started the Good Deeds Organisation in 2007 with this thought in mind. Kindness UK grew from this and was kicked off in 2011. It has had a fast paced and exciting existence since then.

How can people get involved?
There are loads of ways in which anyone can get involved with Kindness UK. You could contribute to our National Kindness Survey which is the largest and most comprehensive survey of its type ever to be undertaken on the subject in the UK. The more people get involved the stronger and more representative the statistics will be! Furthermore, any primary school teachers can get involved by using our Kindness Packs which we are sending free of charge to all the primary schools in the UK. But most of all, people can get involved by performing kind deeds and letting the world know about them by posting them on our website. As kindness is contagious and makes everyone around it feel good you’ll love getting involved.

What plans do you have for 2013?
2013 is due to be a huge year for Kindness UK. Not only do we have a number of academic research papers to release, our survey is providing the most authoritative statistics ever to be seen in the UK. Every primary school in the UK will receive our kindness pack free of charge which is full of fun and simple activities to help teachers promote kindness in the classroom. We will also be celebrating World Kindness Day on the 13th of November. Furthermore, Kindness UK will be organising various events to promote, share and unite kindness – keep your eyes peeled on our website for details on how to get involved!

Who do you work with?
We work with anyone and everyone who has a common goal to promote, share and unite kindness. We work closely with a number of schools and organisations to maximise our mission. We also work closely with international organisations such as Singapore Kindness Movement to make kindness a global issue.

What is your research all about?
We have a number of different streams to our research. We have authoritative academic research papers which explore the subject of kindness in religion, modern society and modern technology. We have also carried out extensive research on kindness in education which has resulted in the creation of our Kindness Pack. This new resource is unique in the current UK education system.

How does this help people in general?
Kindness has the power to change the world. From a simple smile to arranging a huge fundraising event to help a local shelter, kindness can make a difference. As kindness is contagious it can ripple throughout society. Furthermore, kindness actually has the power to improve our health! It has been proved that the chemical Oxytocin is released when we perform, receive or observe an act of kindness. This chemical reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and even protects against heart disease! Therefore, kindness is more than a warm and fluffy feeling inside but has scientifically proved benefits to us all.

Where does funding come from?
We are a non-monetary organisation which means we don’t have a bank account. Therefore we rely solely on good will gestures from supporters of kindness.

Do you think the message is getting through?
The response we have had from the 5000+ primary schools who have received our Kindness Pack so far would suggest so. The feedback has been phenomenal and hundreds of schools are using it to make kindness a greater part of their day to day lives. We also get loads of good deeds submitted on our website which shows that people are getting the message.

What is the best part of working for Kindness UK?
Getting letters from the schools we work with showing us how they are using the Kindness Pack in their schools is a great feeling! It shows that we are making a difference every single day and are doing our bit to support the education of our youth.

How can JBIL followers help?
Get online and complete our fun, short and anonymous survey at It will help us collect valuable data which is lacking in the UK. You can also submit your good deeds online or email us and let us know of any ways in which you are promoting kindness. We’d also love to receive photos of any kindness projects to post on our website.

What one kind thing have you done today?
Today I gave up my seat on the tube for a pregnant woman. A very simple thing to do but when I looked around there were smiles on multiple people’s faces. Kindness really is contagious!

So come on, what kind thing have you done today?

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