Clifford Gee – London, UK

I pledge that on Kindness Day I will buy a box of chocolates and give it to an old aged pensioner.

John Kurubo – London, UK

I pledge to donate blood. A friend of mind recently went into hospital and received some units of blood as part of their treatment, so I now realise how essential this is and I want to help others.

Chris Elsdale – London, UK

Perform a totally random act of kindness each week.

Gary Davison – London, UK

I will give a bunch of flowers to a worthy recipient.

Mrs. Chamberlains Class - United States

I promise that I will be kind to all on November 13th. I will not hurt nor say anything rude mean ect. I will keep to this.

Georgina Jones – London/UK

I pledge to visit a nursing home for Kindness Day. I'll bring flowers and home-made treats for the residents and spend time with them

Ayr Academy, Ayr

We will celebrate Kindness Day by giving pupils a name of someone in their class, they have to perform a random act of kindness for this person within a week – they cannot tell this person what they are doing, it could be something as simple as speaking to someone you don’t normally, smiling at a teacher! Or buying someone a hot chocotlate.

Berwickshire High School, Duns

We will hold a Kindness Day and the First Year Class will be heavily involved in all the preparation for this.

Gairloch High School, Gairloch

We will use the Kindness UK pack for secondary schools on Kindness Day. We will introduce a quote each day until Kindness Day on Thursday, 13th November when we will do something related to this, maybe in classes but certainly involving pupils in thinking about their modus operandi. The purpose of the quote would be to have pupils think about how they behave and to inculcate a more caring attitude.

Wootton Upper School, Bedfordshire

For Kindness Day we will have class activities in PSHE sessions and possibly a focus for assemblies.

Westhoughton High School, Lancashire

We are meeting our student council this morning with the intention of discussing a 'Kindness Week' - this will be held on the last week of term. The intention is for each year group to raise money for their own year charity on one set day with their own activities. The students will also engage in some fundraising with Sainsbury's at our local store with proceeds going to the 'Hand on Heart' charity: in this way each year group will have their own Kindness Day during Kindness Week

Putney High School, London

We will have a clear message of kindness in lessons. Staff & pupil ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ e.g. relieve someone on lunch duty in front of the queue, offer to take 5mins of a colleague’s lesson, smile and say hello to everyone, escort a colleague to a lesson carrying their belongings, offer to help the girls put their trays away...

Ratton School - East Sussex/UK

We pledge that each tutor group will take a kindness challenge

Ferndown Upper School - Dorset/UK

We will hold special assemblies and launch activities from Kindness UK’s pack for secondary schools

Enfield County School – Enfield/UK

We pledge to celebrate Kindness Day, 13th November

Hodge Hill Girls’ School – Birmingham/UK

Will try and arrange a ‘Kindness Day’ or ‘Kindness Week’

Skegness Grammar School – Lincolnshire/UK

We will make plans for Kindness Day UK and do an assembly

Altrincham College of Arts, Cheshire

On Kindness Day UK we will do an assembly and have related info on plasma screens.

St Joseph’s R.C. High School, Newport

We will be promoting tolerance, understanding and compassion in what we all do and say.

Waddesdon Church of England School, Buckinghamshire

We will deliver an assembly on kindness and do some activities in PSHE and create a Kindness Day message board in the library.

Kirkbie Kendal School, Cumbria
On Kindness Day UK, 13th November, we will be doing a kindness themed ‘Thought for the week’ activities in form time. It is Kindness Day everyday!

Frogmore Infant School, Surrey

We will be doing a range of activities – giving compliments, friendship games etc.

Ayr Academy, Scotland

We will celebrate kindness day by giving pupils a name of someone in their class, they have to perform a random act of kindness for this person within a week – they cannot tell this person what they are doing, it could be something as simple as speaking to someone you don’t normally, smiling at a teacher! Or buying someone a hot chocolate.

Ulidia Integrated College, Co. Antrim

We will certainly make use of some of the activities in the Kindness Pack for Secondary Schools in our whole school and year assemblies and during form time on Kindness Day.

St Columba’s College, Co. Down

We will aim to do a kindness week at school running into anti bullying week (17th November).

Madeley Academy, Shropshire

We pledge to broadcast a special feature on Kindness Day UK relating to kindness.

The Burgate School & Sixth Form, Hampshire

We are hoping to use several of the resources, in Kindness UK’s Pack for Secondary Schools, on Kindness Day in November and make it a focus for our PSHE that week.

St Peter’s Academy, Stoke on Trent

We are going to have a ‘Kindness Week’ in school, beginning on 10th November and are currently planning activities through lessons/year groups.

River View Primary School, Salford

We are having a community supper at school on Kindness Day, 13th November. We will have a whole school push on kindness that week building up to the community supper and linking it with our parents and the wider community on that day.

Ossett Academy & Sixth Form College, West Yorkshire

Week Commencing 10th November, for the whole week, the theme around the Academy will be kindness. We will be using the resources in the Kindness UK pack for secondary schools. Form tutors will use the resources from the pack to deliver form tutor time activities. Also all students will be made aware of Kindness Day on 13th November.

Mackie Academy, Kincardineshire

We will have activities based around Kindness Day, 13th November, in tutor time for the week.

Wymondham College, Norfolk

We will have a kind language day.

Victoria College, Belfast

We will be doing an assembly on Kindness Day, 13th November.

Fitzalan High School, Cardiff

We will have assemblies in the upcoming days (10th – 13th November) on kindness.

Ellon Academy, Aberdeenshire

We will have assemblies to highlight ‘KINDNESS’.

Loudoun Academy, Galston

We will be fundraising for Children In Need!

Swallow Hill Community College, Leeds

For Kindness Day UK we will do a display, assembly and tutor time.

St Paul’s College, Kilrea

We are hoping to have a drama project, art competition and launch an anti-bullying poetry competition.

St Andrew’s R C High School, Kirkcaldy

We will be doing appropriate activities from the Kindness UK pack for secondary schools.

St Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy, Sunderland

We will be preparing “shoe boxes” to distribute at Christmas, praying for those less fortunate and raising money for chosen charities in each Year group.

The Bewdley School and Sixth Form Centre, Worcestershire

Hopefully publishing writing on Kindness!

Bishop Justus C of E School, Kent

During our (whole school) tutor group worship we will focus on happiness. We will ask all students to do a random act of kindness during the day.

Kings Langley School, Hertfordshire

We will hold fundraising activities as a way of showing kindness. Money raised will be donated to charity as a sign of kindness. Students challenges will include performing a random act of kindness and donating their time.

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School, Kent

We will have PSHE lessons on kindness during the week and house charity events.

Lipson Community College, Devon

We will be doing curriculum based activities from the Kindness UK pack for Secondary Schools, special assemblies and tutorial activities.

Saltergate Infant School, North Yorkshire

We will link kindness into our collective worship.

Danegrove Primary School, Hertfordshire

Buddying up for break time games.

Fane Street Primary School, Northern Ireland

Being kind and friendly in school.

Ballycastle Integrated Primary School, Northern Ireland

Planning to hold a Kindness Week again. Children have to complete a Great Kindness Challenge. Each year group will be learning about a famous/historical person who impacted our world by their kindness and often heroic actions.

Berkerley Junior School, North Lincolnshire

On Kindness Day UK we pledge to do a Kindness Assembly – reinforcement of a school ethos.

Chudleigh Knighton CofE Primary School, Devon

On 13th November we will award certificates for the 4 most appreciated and effective acts of kindness, in our assembly, as well as focusing on ‘kindness’ in all 5 classrooms.

Goosnargh Whitechapel Primary School, Lancashire

13th November Assembly focus on kindness.

St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Falkirk

Hold a Kindness Assembly and ask each child to carry out an act of kindness.

Huttoft Primary School, Lincolnshire

Our week’s work in PSHE for the whole school will be centred on kindness – at home and at school, to our friends, families, pets, garden birds, wild animals around us.

St Mary’s CofE (VC) Primary School, West Midlands

Link the day with our chosen charity.

Meanwood Church of England Primary School, West Yorkshire

Each class will be trying very hard to be kind all day to each other and doing some of the activities from Kindness UK’s pack for Primary Schools.

East Ayton Community Primary School, North Yorkshire

Classes will focus on a linked theme on Kindness Day UK. Kindness certificates will be issued at the end of the week.

Hollingworth Primary School, Cheshire

We will do an Assembly and circle time on Kindness Day UK.

St Michael’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Essex

488 individual acts of kindness.

Carniny Primary School, County Antrim

We will do a Kindness Boomerang.

Highgate Infant School, Norfolk

Highlight the importance of kindness.

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