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Be kind to someone who needs it.
David Jamilly
13th November every year
Help to spread kindness and help make the world a kinder place
Kindness UK is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with the goal of making kindness a greater part of everyone’s daily lives and increasing the awareness of the positive benefits of kindness to health and the overall wellbeing of society.
Corpus Christi School Awarded Kindness UK ‘Kind School of the Year’
September 2020
Corpus Christi school achieves prestigious KINDNESS UK ‘Kind School of the Year’ status for their wonderful kind initiatives both pre and post lockdown.

Congratulations to all students,staff,teachers,parents and stakeholders for the ongoing projects which set a great example to others and continue to bring positive effect all round.

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International Resource Sharing And Mortality In A Global Perspctive
September 2020
by Tobias Vogt, Fanny Kluge, Ronald Lee
First published August 31 2020 University of California, Berkeley.

A fascinating paper highlighting the importance and value of sharing and pro-social behaviour.

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16-Year-Old Student Gets Thousands of Primary School Children to Write to Lonely Care Home Residents
June 2020
To combat loneliness amongst care home residents, a 16-year old student has set up Community Senior Letters, an initiative that has helped match over 55 primary schools and 55 care homes, to write letters to elderly residents in their area during the COVID-19 crisis.

The mastermind behind this innovative project is Nina Andersen, a 16-year-old student from London. She has previously set up Community Senior Music, where semi-professional musicians performed concerts at various care homes. Due to COVID-19, she has had to switch from musical entertainment to handwritten letters to keep the elderly connected during these unprecedented times.
What Comes Next: Will the pandemic make us kinder – or will it deepen divisions?
By Natalie Morris, Senior lifestyle reporter -
June 2020
Kindness has been a pervasive theme since the pandemic began, on both a global and local scale.

A crisis of this proportion crashes us all together and forces us to rely on each other in ways we haven’t had to in a generation. And there is a sense that our ability to survive this hinges on individual and collective kindness – on how well we, as a society, can work with each other and for each other.

And many are being kind. Thousands of us are discovering reserves of compassion and empathy that we have never had to use before.

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Kindness and Wellbeing
May 2020
A well written with comprehensive coverage of the benefits of kindness and useful references by Dr Emma Short.

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First Polish school to achieve Kindness UK 'Overseas School of The Year' accreditation
April 2020
Well done to all students, teachers, staff, parents and associates alike for the implementation of a full kindness initiative and for all the positive benefits ensuing. Kindness UK is proud to accredit our first Polish School with this status.

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Charles praises people for uniting with kindness
April 2020
The Prince of Wales, who is out of isolation after contracting coronavirus, is proud to see how kindness is keeping people together, Clarence House has said.

Charles has paid tribute to the work of the British Red Cross, after speaking to its chairman, David Bernstein, and chief executive Michael Adamson via telephone last week while in isolation at Birkhall in Aberdeenshire.

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Coronavirus: The good that can come out of an upside-down world
April 2020
Our world has changed immensely in the last few weeks but amid the upheaval and distress, there are reasons to believe we can emerge from the crisis with some human qualities enhanced, writes Matthew Syed.

A few years ago, Michael Michalko, a former US army officer, came up with a fascinating idea to sharpen creativity. He called it "assumption reversal". You take the core notions in any context, subject, discipline and then, well, turn them on their head.

So, suppose you are thinking of starting a restaurant (obviously not possible right now!). The first assumption might be: "restaurants have menus". The reversal would be: "restaurants have no menus". This provokes the idea of a chef informing each customer what he bought that day at market, allowing them to select a customised dish. The point is not that this will turn out to be a workable scheme, but that by disrupting conventional thought patterns, it might lead to new associations and ideas.

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How To *Actually* Be Kind During The Coronavirus Pandemic
March 2020
Let's ensure this sense of community long outlasts the pandemic.

At one point or another in our lives, we have had to rely on the kindness of strangers. Maybe it was that girl in the club loos, who gave you a tampon when you ran out, maybe it was the bus driver who held the bus for you as you ran in the rain. Even tiny moments of kindness can make a huge difference.

We made a recent rallying call for kindness after the tragic death of Caroline Flack, when #bekind went viral with over 7 million posts and counting. Yet, as we face the terrifying prospect of this pandemic, the kindness of strangers has never felt more vital and our ability to deliver on the call to #bekind has never been more tested.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Say 'Empathy and Kindness Is Indisputably Important' Amid Coronavirus Crisis
March 2020
Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, are urging people to show “empathy and kindness” in the face of the pandemic.

The couple took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a statement.

“This moment is as true a testament there is to the human spirit. We often speak of compassion. All of our lives are in some way affected by this, uniting each of us globally,” they said.

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These schoolchildren have been commended for their acts of goodwill with Kind School of the Year award
By Sarah Sinclair, Sunderland Echo
March 2020
East Boldon school children have been praised for their efforts in being kind to others.

Pupils at East Boldon Infants School were delighted to receive the Kind School of the Year award recently for their acts of goodwill.

The accolade, awarded by Kindness UK recognises those children who have gone the extra mile to spread kindness both in and out of school.

Only two primary schools and seven secondary schools have been given the title to date.

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What Caroline Flack’s Tragic Death Should Teach Us About Kindness
By Sirin Kale, Stylist
March 2020
Following the tragic death of Caroline Flack, Stylist explores how we create a lasting culture of kindness.

In December 2019, Caroline Flack posted a quote on Instagram: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Just 72 days later, she took her own life.

Scrolling through Twitter after the news broke, I noticed the hashtag #BeKind appearing more and more in relation to her death. On Instagram, users were sharing her December post about kindness, and reflecting on their own conduct. Without knowing the rights and wrongs or the intricacies of her mind, there was a consensual feeling that she had been treated badly. Unkindly. And that this unkindness had in turn led to her death. Seeing this reaction felt pivotal – you could sense the stirrings of a shift; a widespread call be kinder.

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Newton Prep School Receive Accreditation
February 2020
Newton Prep School have been hard at work promoting kindness in a variety of ways throughout the academic year, including the creation of message boards containing kind words and quotes, as well as holding a kind week.

A huge congratulations to all teachers, pupils and parents for their excellent work. Keep it up.

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Exemplary Kindness Programme From Coppice Valley Primary School
January 2020
Coppice Valley Primary School have undertaken a wonderful kindness programme and set of whole school initiatives. Kindness UK is proud to issue Coppice Valley with Kindness UK‘s "Kind School 2020” accreditation. Congratulations to all pupils, teachers, parents and associates for setting such a beat example.

Please click here to read details of the work undertaken.
Stoke Row C.E Primary School Awarded "Kind School 2020"
January 2020
Congratulations to Stoke Row C.E Primary School for being accredited with Kindness UK's "Kind School 2020” award. A big well done to all pupils, teachers, parents and everyone else involved for carrying out such fantastic work.

Click here for more information on the hard work carried out.
Congratulations to Riverside School Prague
January 2020
Riverside School Prague is the only overseas school to achieve prestigious ‘Kind School of the Year’ accreditation for the FOURTH consecutive year. This sets a wonderful example and congratulations to all staff, students, parents and associates. Keep up the amazing kindness work!!

Riverside School Prague carried out the following activities during Kindness Week which was run by the Student Council:
  • Class Kindness Awards, nominated by classmates, for 'Kindest Pupil of the Week!'
  • 'Kindness Catchers' on the playground all week. Student Council members handing out stickers for catching children being kind on the playground during snack and lunch breaks
  • Classroom Kindness Angels, with children writing notes and/or sharing small gifts to raise a smile within their classes. Staff also participated in Kindness Angels, sending notes/gifts to their colleagues! :)
  • We ran a Kindness Postbox, where children could post encouraging notes to one another
  • A poster Competition ran throughout the week, with the winners having their posters made and displayed around the school for the year.
  • Parents were sent a letter home, encouraging them to take part at their workplace or at home! Parents responded well!
  • This is amazing initiative and we are proud to see the school participate in this. It is something we do at home on a daily base. Well done and have a great Kindness week!!
  • Literacy lessons encouraged Kindness Poetry throughout the week
  • Promoted anti-bullying (we use this week as a positive spin on anti-bullying. Rather than focusing on dont's we focus on do's )
  • Each child drew/wrote a reflection at the end of the week. These are displayed around the school
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Kind Acts
BS/CH 00:18:05

When I can't sleep, I sometimes go on instagram, search the hashtag #helpme and leave encouraging words on some pictures.

Dorset/UK 18:29:31

I sent my friend some flowers and a funny card to cheer her up and she said it made her day :)

Bristol/UK 07:13:51

I donated my baby's clothing to our local shelter. It felt good and I want to do more. I am inspired by the goals of this website and want to achieve a good deed a day for the next year so your ideas are a big help.

London/United kingdom 22:33:47

My amazing dad,does good deeds daily. He cheers me up, makes me still want to be appart of the world, I have a had a shockingly traumatic life leaving me with complex PTSD and severe depression, and my dad has never given up on me even though I have got myself in bad situations as my self worth is very low. Even after holding a full time stressful job, my dad also does spiritual healing helping hundreds of people a year to have somthing every one needs, hope . I love you dad, to infinity and beyond, you truelly are incredible. Prue xxx

Los Angeles/United States 16:54:03

I recently donated approx 70% of my Liver..I saved a life, and the recovery was approx 6 weeks long..I just wanted to let others know that donating a piece of yourself to save a life is priceless...Over 60% of Liver patients, who are waiting for a Liver Die...The love for Man-kind is underrated...Sincerely Ed

Melbourne/Derbyshire 18:56:31

Sorted out a mountain of stuff to give to MIND charity

Melbourne/Derbyshire 18:55:57

Gave spare change to RNLI

Nashville/USA 05:56:03

A remarkable event occurred to me when I was attempting to buy gasoline. The pump was not reading my card despite several attempts at swiping it and a man walked up to me and asked if I needed help. He actually asked me "how much do you need?" I do drive a 27-year-old car and don't look like a millionaire but I was stunned by his generosity and caring spirit. I said I had the money, explained my difficulty and thanked him. There are plenty of wonderful people in Nashville and this world. Someone who actually needed help has probably gotten it from this fine man. As a cynical misanthrope myself it feels like a lesson I needed to learn.

Morayfield/Australia 07:35:45

I was very nice with a rude old lady in the market. She looked confused with my reaction and smile.

Portsmouth/UK 14:33:01

I borrowed some gorgeous dresses from a lovely colleague who kindly lent them to me; I gave her a bunch of flowers to say thanks and she was really touched. It made my day and I'm sure it made hers too.

Scotland/UK 17:20:44

Whilst shopping in our local shopping centre I noticed a young man leave his wallet and phone on a bench. I quickly caught up with him and gave it him back. He was unbelievably thankful and even offered to buy me and my children lunch which I kindly declined. It is always good to help people!

Oldham/UK 09:22:49

My new neighbor is a 20 year old kid who just left home. We got talking and it turns out that after he moved in his flatmate ran out on him leaving him with an empty home and a pile of bills. He said he was going to have to quit college and move back in with mom and dad. I felt sorry for him because I had to do similar when i was his age so the next day I went shopping. Using some "bargain" websites I know I spent £40 and got him £200 of food and house warming gifts and had it delivered. He later fessed up that it gave him just enough time and space to find a new flatmate who pays their rent in advance so no more running out on bills! To this day he doesn't know it was me.

Lubbock/US 19:38:03

My co-worker brought me liver and onions to eat for lunch today. She cooked it last night and remembered how much I like it. She is awesome!

Sebastian/United States 22:20:02

A few months ago I learned of a little domestic bunny being kept in a very sad, dirty, and neglectful environment. Having 3 cats, I had no intention of getting a bunny but wanted to at least rescue her from the environment she was in. Well, we named her Annabelle and very quickly fell in love with her - and now we have a bunny! I've litter-trained her, she gets along great with our cats, and she gets lots of love and attention everyday. She is so sweet and playful and it warms my heart to see how happy she is now!

London/UK 10:20:15

I was buying by breakfast this morning when I realised I was 20p short. I was about to leave when I heard a voice say "How much do you need?". Without a second thought he handed me the money. It was so kind and I will be thinking about it all day and every time I go into that coffee shop. Thank you stranger, we need more people like you in the world.

Lewes/UK 15:41:40

I gave some money to our Big Issue seller. I told him I didn't need the magazine but that he could have the money anyway. He's always so cheerful, even when it's raining, and has a nice singing voice so it's a pleasure to help.

San Francisco/USA 05:30:56

I gave a care package to a mentor/friend who was about to undergo surgery. Very least I could do for someone who has done so much for me, and is one of the few people who I can confide in. Since then I've checked up on her via text to see how she's doing.

London/Uk 00:53:03

I've been looking through the Internet tonight and see so many bad things that are happening and that people do to each other. It's easy to despair. Reading this website reminds me that there is lots of good in the world, and seeing the good deeds people do makes me want to be a better person. Keep spreading the love.

Cavan/Ireland 00:17:11

Mom found two pups in a plastic bag on side of road still alive. Took them home and they all happy now and found a new home. :)

Maidstone/England 12:52:43

Today on my walk I came across a big dog poo in the middle of the path, I picked it up and put it in the bin even though it was not from my dog.

Tynemouth/United Kingdom 21:01:23

I found a wallet with driving licence and bank cars and took it round to young man's house

London/England 11:37:11

I was travelling on the London underground this weekend and I saw a lady standing in front of me looking down at her foot. It was red and sore from her shoe. I searched my purse for a plaster and handed it to her. She was very grateful and it felt good to help a stranger in need. A man next to me saw this and told me how nice it was and wished me a good day. Kindness is contagious!

Taney Town/USA 15:20:04 today i took a friend to his dr appt because his license is no good,then after that we helped redirect a mother duck and 6 ducklings across the the street.they waddled over a sewage drain and 4 fell through ..with the help of a.nice cop, they were retrieved.Now I'm off to work to make $ to help support my ill mother.

Pune/Indai 09:30:47

Feeling very proud of Jay Shete and Shreyas Kulkarni for their courageous and noble act two days ago. While going to BATU, they spotted a car turned over in the Tamhini valley near Pune. Unlike typical Indian behavior nowadays, they not only stopped and checked if someone was hurt, but called the Police, waited till help arrived from nearby villagers, and also helped rescue at least one injured person fallen deep down in the valley. Because of their sense of humanity and civic duty, two injured survived, although one could not be saved . Great Act Boys!!

London/England 18:41:28

I saw lots of wrappers and papers littered around the local post office so I scooped them all up and put them in the bin. This was just a small deed but it saved someone else from doing it at the end of a long day!

Day/America 19:30:39

Just on my Summer Holidays but I am remaining back in college to help as a volunteer for one of the colleges largest events. Pen and Pixel. So far I've helped by cutting, sticking,mounting Images,drawing, painting, photos, etc.

London/England 13:41:44

I sponsored a friend's Moonwalk, London 2014, for charity. I donated what I could. She received so many donations that she almost double her target amount! She completed the walk 26 miles in 8 hours. Such kindness for a great cause.

Harrogate/England 01:10:27

I'm 15 years of age, and was on the train when I idiotically missed my stop. Panicking as I had no money left and with a hefty suitcase full of books I was unsure what to do all the while in the realisation that I was headed to a city I knew nothing about, nor had any means to get home by, when a American women who I did not know sat next to me offered me ten pounds to get the train back, I reluctantly took five pounds off her and was able to travel home safely, and luckily managing to get off at my correct station. I wish I had had time to properly thank this woman for her generosity offering to help me, and know I hope one day to repay the favour to another in trouble, and also perhaps learn to use the train system properly.

Lewes/UK 15:38:07

I was at the household tip today getting rid of some pretty heavy garden rubbish. I was struggling a bit and a fairly elderly man offered to help. I was grateful for his help - and he was delighted he could lift it!

Chelmsford /England 23:18:54

Today I visited Avebury. Historic and beautiful site. First stone I looked at I noticed a phone at the base.I picked it up, looked through phonebook and called 'mum'. Mum called the husband then husband and phone owner met me to collect phone. Very grateful. #PayItForward

Sydney/Australia 12:49:23

Today I was at Starbucks and saw a very rude customer speaking to one of the workers with attitude; telling him to remake her drink. After that, he did not smile. So I wrote him a note saying "Smile! =) Don't let rude customers get to you. Have a good night. Xoxo"

London/England 10:48:04

My boyfriend and I had a lovely meal at the weekend and our waitress was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and helped us with anything we needed. As we left, as well as giving her a tip, we found the restaurant manager and told him how much we had enjoyed our meal and how pleased we were with our waitress.

San Marcos/USA 06:20:55

I was at Starbucks and watched two women talking and one of them started crying. It was so sad to see. Throughout there conversation she started briefly a couple times again. They were pretty far from me so I could barely hear anything. Only thing I did occasionally hear was this poor woman crying. So within 20 minutes, I drew a scene of both of them together sitting with their coffee and I wrote the words, "I hope this brings you joy and you have a brighter day." When I gave it to the somber woman, her day brightened instantly! Both women gave me a big smile and a big thank you. With a simple portrait of two women, I walked away knowing I just made her day a happier one.

Exmouth/UK 18:49:10

"Wheelchairs by Wings" On February the 27th, 2013 I received an email from someone asking for help providing a wheelchair for an elderly relative. The request had come from the remote village of Mbooni, Kenya. I met the challenge with the help of 3 total strangers. One donated a wheelchair, one flew them out (I donated one also) and another donated one from a disabled fellowship in Nairobi as they were touched I cared enough to help.

Longbeach/LA 14:21:56

I was sitting at grateful hearts it is a place you go to for help with food clothes and other things I was getting food they have a Christmas gift program so this family walked in asking abot the xmas program they asked a lady for help the one day from the family asked about help the lady said if you did not sgin on 10-06 or if you received help with in ayearso the did not the lady said therename was not on the list. So I asked the lady if my family name was on the list she said yes but h so she looked and my name was on the list she said yes so I said can they have my spot the lady said I have to ask my supervisor I hope they have a blessed Christmasme and my familwe'll have to

Maidstone/England 12:55:01

Earilier in the week I helped a lost comedian make his way to a gig he was late for even though it meant walking fifteen minutes in the wrong direction.

Mumbai/India 12:30:42

Me and my friends went around the neighbourhood picking up every single bit of trash we saw.

Miami/USA 06:50:12

About a month ago I witnessed a lady with a little boy walking under an over path. All of a sudden it began to rain. I noticed she stopped and looked startled. I thought Oh no, I have to help them. So I made a U-turn and drove up slowly towards the curve. I asked her if she needed a ride. She said she was taking her son to Palmetto Hospital for a check up. Its like 10 minutes away but on foot about 35 minutes. So I gave her my number and told her to call me when she's done since it started raining heavily. I gave her a ride to a bus stop but on the way I bought them Lunch at Wendy's. She said thank you so much you brightened my day today.

London/UK 11:22:42

I spend time with an elderly woman every Friday morning. She lives alone and is far from her family so I know she appreciates the company.

Huddersfield/England 20:03:43

Today in town I saw a homeless man had built a little enclousure for him self under some stairs and behind a box. I realise my deed was me being vulnerable but he was homeless. I bought some food and water and wrote a note. I left them in his shelter for him to return to.

Moscow Russia 19:21:33

Every Sunday me and my parents visit an orphanage and cook for the orphans and play with them and buy pens and books and stuff like that for them.

London/UK 07:35:16

To my amazing colleagues Elly, Louisa, Suzie and John who took hours of their own time to keep the elderly stranger company who fell over and waited for an ambulance for more than two hours. In the end they paid for a taxi to convey the gentleman to nearby St. Thomas. He's ok now and a good deed done.

Edinburgh/United Kingdom 13:19:55

I've started a Green Club at my school. Our first good deed was putting recycling bins in every classroom to make it easier for people to recycle. The club all volunteer our time and encourage everyone to be considerate to the environment. We want to help our school become more environmentally friendly.

Maidstone/England 12:50:53

My sports team is having a secret Santa this. The girl who I chose wrote this as her gift suggestion.... 'I've been a good girl this year, but I have everything I need, please make someone else happy this year and donate a gift to someone more in need' This has inspired me to join good deeds and make myself worthy of such a genuinely kind friend.

London/UK 09:41:32

I found £1 in the road. Put in my pocket. Had second thoughts and left on a parking machine for next user.

London/UK 16:58:26

A huge thanks to the lovely couple who stayed with me after I fractured my ankle on Saturday night. I'm an idiot and you are so kind.

Bolton/England 01:35:21

I was on my way back to Uni from London and the train was cancelled. I had to go back several stations and then get to my last station by a different route. I got talking to a lady and her son and when she found out there were no buses back to my Uni, she said she would give me a lift back. We shared a taxi back to her house and she drove me back to my Uni. I am so grateful to her. Thank you kind stranger!

Edinburgh /Scotland 21:30:45

Stuart, totally saved my last two months work by recovering files on my computer I thought were lost./

Winter Park/USA 04:20:55

Witness a guy paying for two strangers tap at a dry cleaners. Thought it was pretty nice.

Louisville/United States 04:32:28

This guy is wearing no shoes for A YEAR to raise money and collect new shoes for children that don't have the luxury of owning shoes.

London/UK 15:46:52

I would like to thank the very kind man who waited out in the cold to give away his spare ticket for the long queue at the Visa office, Goswell Road. It saved me a lot of time and his thoughtfulness and kindness to a stranger were greatly appreciated.

Cricklewood/England 16:05:27

Becky helped an old man who had fallen in the street. Took him to a nearby store and the good people of Barclays looked after him.

Puebla/Mexico 15:25:50

I helped a blind person to walk down the street and take the bus. Amazing feeling to help somebody.

London/ England 17:11:02

I spend time with an elderly woman every Friday morning. She lives alone and is far from her family so I know she appreciates the company.

London/England 11:37:11

I was travelling on the London underground this weekend and I saw a lady standing in front of me looking down at her foot. It was red and sore from her shoe. I searched my purse for a plaster and handed it to her. She was very grateful and it felt good to help a stranger in need. A man next to me saw this and told me how nice it was and wished me a good day. Kindness is contagious!

Raleigh USA 64:42:12

I gave 20 dollars to a homeless man when I was coming out of the convenience store.

Apex/USA 16:52:12

We went out for dinner the other evening and sat next to two local police officers for dinner. So I thought why not pay for their dinners. So we did just that. I went up to the owner and requested to pay for the dinner. The officers were completed surprised and appreciative of the thought. Theses special people sometimes put their lives on the line to protect others.

London/England 10:24:24

I was buying by breakfast this morning when I realised I was 20p short. I was about to leave when I heard a voice say "How much do you need?". Without a second thought he handed me the money. It was so kind and I will be thinking about it all day and every time I go into that coffee shop. Thank you stranger, we need more people like you in the world.

Maidstone/England 13:00:08

One of my friends was stuck outside her house in the rain because her front door was swollen shut. A kindly man stopped to help her open it and upon finding out the quote she'd been given to get it fixed offered to come back and do it for free.

London/England 00:23:21

To the taxi driver who found my wallet in his taxi the other morning, after dropping me off in the City, then drove all the way back to my place (address on the driving license) to drop it off for me at home: massive, grateful thank you. I wish you had left your name or reg number so that I could thank you in person; I hope you know though what a fantastic person you are.

Hatfield/England 08:19:33

Thank you to the man in St Albans that gave me his car park ticket as he was leaving and I was parking. Even saving £3 is always helpful and very thoughtful and kind!

Coventry/UK 19:13:68

I had been in a long queue at the supermarket checkout when I noticed an elderly couple behind me.They had a lot more items than me but they seemed to be struggling so I let them go in front of me even though i was in a hurry.

Maidstone/England 12:50:53

My sports team is having a secret Santa this. The girl who I chose wrote this as her gift suggestion.... 'I've been a good girl this year, but I have everything I need, please make someone else happy this year and donate a gift to someone more in need' This has inspired me to join good deeds and make myself worthy of such a genuinely kind friend.

Brighton/UK 21:01:43

I am a nervous flyer and yesterday I was on a particularly turbulent flight from Edinburgh to Gatwick. A lady and her son sat next to me and noticed my anxiety. They talked to me throughout the flight and distracted me by asking questions about my life and reassured me that everything that was happening was normal. They even bought me a cup of tea because ‘tea makes everything better’. I was so overwhelmed by how kind they were to a total stranger and I’m so grateful.

Arnside/UK 01:22:42

My friend just bought a small bag of Thornton's Chocolates and dropped them in my handbag after I spent all afternoon crying on her shoulder.

Cavan/Ireland 19:15:10

Seen people in groups holding free hugs sign and went about giving people group hugs leaving everyone happy and laughing

Maidstone/England 12:55:01

Earilier in the week I helped a lost comedian make his way to a gig he was late for even though it meant walking fifteen minutes in the wrong direction.

Oxford/UK 12:09:34

Having accidentally dropped my mobile phone in a taxi I was sure it was long gone. Having found it, however, the taxi driver not only went out of his way to contact me, but drove the 1 hour 20 minute round trip to return it, free of charge! He'd even attached a clip to make sure I couldn't lose it again! Lovely man!

London/UK 22:02:14

I would like to say a big thank you to the gentleman in Bank, who stopped today to ask me if I was okay. Also a big thank you to the generous young lady, Yas, who stayed with me and took the same train as me assuring me a place on the train. The pregnant lady.

Oldham/UK 09:14:17

I travel by bus, It's relaxing and gives me quiet time. The cost of a return ticket for me is £3 but I always pay £1 more for a day ticket which allows me to travel anywhere locally. So why pay MORE? well it's logical when you do what I do and it saves someone else money and makes them happy. When I have done my travels (usually by noon) I give someone else my ticket and because its a day ticket I know they can get to wherever it is they are going and in the process save £3-£4. It might not be a lot to me but it might to them. Also I have now convinced the missus and a number of friends to do the same.

Hatfield/England 21:44:43

Thank you to the man in st albans on the 19th october that gave me his car park ticket as he was leaving and I was parking. Even saving £3 is always helpful and very thoughtful!

Salt Lake City/USA 20:27:00

I am getting married this Saturday in a small town in Utah at a reception center. When I went to pay my bill, the owners of the reception center said that someone gave me a gift and paid half of my bill. What a wonderful thing to do! I feel so grateful and wish I could thank this amazing person.

Capetown/South Africa 22:03:52

I help a couple tonight, they stuck without petrol at the robot, so I helped push the car to the side of the road.I feel good. I decided to do more good in that way , by helping people in need. :)