Promoting, sharing and uniting kindness
Business Ideas

Below are some examples of kind acts you can perform as a business or organisation but the possibilities are infinite.

These ideas can be adapted to suit your set up and environment. We hope you are able to take on a few or many of these ideas and put them into practice.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
Confucius 551 BC – 479 BC

Make a Company Statement to show your commitment to values, ethics and kindness such as:

The values and kind ethos of our company are reinforced by the actions we take to consciously demonstrate kindness and other values within our internal work and team and our external endeavours.

The following suggestions may form part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy or Triple Bottom Line (3BL) accounting.

  • Buy recycled and recyclable products
  • Plant trees: fast-growing, deciduous trees (these require little maintenance)
  • Choose reusable products rather than disposable
  • Recycle your printer cartridges to avoid damaging the environment
  • Encourage all to turn the lights off when leaving a room
  • Assign somebody to ensure all the lights are turned off at the end of the day
  • Avoid excess packing and plastic when buying, supplying or sending products
  • Choose alternative cleaning products that are produced with fewer harmful chemicals
  • Use eco fuels
  • Choose energy efficient electronic equipment
  • Shared travel programme – to share the commute
  • Install/set times for heating and lighting systems
  • Use energy saving light-bulbs
  • Ensure there are plenty of bins and that these are easily accessible to avoid littering
  • Walk or cycle to work scheme
  • Go paperless
  • Recycling facilities for paper, ink cartridges etc
  • Buy and source locally
  • If you have outside space, place a bird house outside and leave bird seed out, particularly in winter
  • Have plants/flowers in the workplace – don’t forget to water them!
  • If you have outside space - create a garden for nature to thrive

  • Support charities and good causes on your social media pages
  • Have a bowl of sweets/chocolate for colleagues and hand one out to every courier/visitor
  • Create ‘kind’ screen savers/desktop backgrounds for the office with inspiring kindness quotations or compliments
  • Have a quotations white board in the office, write a new kindness/inspirational quotation on it everyday
  • Encourage employees to take time to themselves when they feel stressed – go for a short walk/for a coffee
  • Update your website/pin board in your workplace with a kind story/charity of the week or month
  • Have an award for the good deed of the week or month
  • Have a plaque/sign on everyone’s desks with a kindness quotation
  • Create a compliments bubble on your website so that it pops up and says a new compliment to anyone who goes onto it
  • Have a happy ‘hold’ song on your phone system (internal and external) e.g. ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ by Bob Marley
  • Buy Fairtrade products e.g. coffee, biscuits etc
  • Adopt a charity of the year and organise events/activities throughout the year to raise money for that charity. Send an email or do a presentation at the end of the year to illustrate how much money has been raised and how it will help the cause
  • Take on work experience/placement students
  • Create a range of products which is includes a donation to a charitable cause
  • Hold staff bonding/team building days
  • Have a work ‘bake off’ competition. Sell slices of cake/cookies etc to raise money for charity and give a prise to the winner
  • Carry out a National Charity Day to raise money and donate to a number of charitable causes
  • Do ‘Secret Santa’ at Christmas so that everyone is included
  • Sign up as a business/group to give blood

All the above will bring profit not only financially but also profit that will empower your business/organisation.

Please also see our Acts of Kindness for more general ideas.

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