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Our Research

Kindness UK are currently working on the following strategic areas of research:

COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS – How this may relate to global kindness.
By Fabian

This interesting research was commissioned to try to identify whether there are potential connections between group consciousness and the value of kindness.

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HEALTH – Kindness UK has published an academic paper in conjunction with Dr Andrew Curtis. The research titled ‘Another type of prescription: The impact of kindness on health and well-being’ demonstrates findings such as:

1) Health benefits from being kind.
2) The role kindness has in the medical profession.
3) The origins of relevant treatments, for example grounding in Buddhist practices and the effectiveness of such initiatives.
4) Any related virtues, such as empathy and compassion with the same objective as above.

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EDUCATION – Kindness UK have created a Kindness Pack for primary schools which has been distributed, free of charge, and used extensively in schools throughout the UK. The pack has received high acclaim from hundreds of teachers and educational experts. 30,000 schools are being reached nationwide and Kindness UK has appointed 1,800 kind schools. Check out our Primary Schools tab for information, endorsements and more. Kindness UK have also designed and created a Kindness Pack for Secondary Schools. This is being distributed to secondary schools and colleges across the UK. There has been an overwhelming, positive response with many schools requesting additional packs to be sent. See our secondary schools tab for more information.

Primary School - please click here to download in pdf
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COMMUNITY – Kindness UK have published an academic research paper in conjunction with Dr Andrew Curtis. The paper titled “Kind Society”: Why Kindness Still Matters in the 21st Century” details findings such as:

  • Acts of kindness can be encouraged and fostered by advocating greater mutual sympathy, empathy and trust.
  • Redressing years of performance management culture in professions such as health and education, by advocating a greater role for kindness, is vital.
  • Greater research is required in the area of kindness.
  • Kindness can only be authentic if an element of free choice is involved.

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RELIGION – Kindness UK have completed a new research paper in collaboration with Laurens de Rooij (Durham University). This explores the role of kindness in the ten largest religions (as rated by following). The paper demonstrates that each religion has kindness at its core and highlights findings such as:

  • Although there are undeniable differences among the traditions, the practice of kindness is something that is touched upon in all.
  • Despite the word ‘kindness’ being only a recent english term, all the traditions have older utterences of the concept.
  • Humankind not only shares its humanity but it also shares a notion of kindness that transcends time and national boundaries.

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CYBER-KINDNESS – We have researched the function of kindness in our modern technological age with the help of Dr Andrew Curtis. This new paper explores:

  • What role does kindness play in social media?
  • Does kindness outweigh cruelty on these platforms?
  • How might we change social media and our online behaviour to promote cyber-kindness?

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WORKPLACE – Kindness UK investigates the power of kindness in the work place and its impact on engagement. The article documents how kindness impacts stress levels, professional relationships, morale and productivity and outlines easy ways to inject kindness into the workplace.

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David Jamilly, founder of Kindness UK, talks about these on-going projects in the below video: