Promoting, sharing and uniting kindness
Kindness Day ideas for Business and Organisations
Here are some ideas for your business or organisation to do on Kindness Day or celebrate with a week of kind acts.

  • Kindness Day Award – awarded to someone who has shown great kindness or done a good deed that was inspiring
  • Send out a Kindness Day email to everyone in the company/organisation showing your appreciation for their hard work
  • Raise money for a local/your preferred charity
  • Organise an office treat such as a company breakfast or lunch for your staff e.g. champagne breakfast or order pizza for lunch
  • Offer Kindness Day discounts, extras or ‘freebies’ to your clients
  • ‘Winter Warmers’ Donation Event – Ask everyone to bring in coats, blankets and towels they do not need anymore and give all the donated ‘winter warmers’ to a homeless or animal shelter charity
  • Organise a work ‘Sleep Out’ for a homeless charity e.g. as part of the Centrepoint event 6th November
  • Kindness Packages – create boxes filled with goodies e.g. tinned food, cosmetics etc. You could ask for people to donate items or you can supply them. Take the boxes to the needy in your community or to a charity who can distribute them
  • Plant trees and make a plaque for them such as:
    “This tree was planted for Kindness Day UK 2014 as an act of kindness towards the environment and nature”
  • Clothes Swap Event – hold a free-cycle event; everyone brings in clothes they do not use/need and everyone can take home items they like. Recycle the left over clothes in a clothes bank or donate them to a charity shop

Please contact us if we can support your business or organisation’s Kindness Day/Week activities.

For more general ideas, please see our Kind Acts for Business/Organisations.