South Ayrshire School - Scotland

“Some lovely ideas in here and my class enjoyed nominating people and using the kindness certificates this morning.”

Our Ladys High School - Motherwell

“Looks great for assembly.”

Glenrothes High School - Fife

“We liked the conundrums and made a lesson and powerpoint based on ideas from the pack and developed the materials later in the session.”

Glenrothes High School - Glenrothes

“I made a lesson and powerpoint presentation for senior school PSE based on ideas from your pack.”

Fortrose Academy - Fortrose

“General resources useful.”

Glenwood High School - Fife

“I used your pack in my S1 Personal and Social Education Class this week. My pupils found the lesson very though provoking. I would like to thank you for sending this resources to Glenwood High School and ask that, if possible, you could provide the school with 7 or more so all the Guidance Staff can have a copy of the booklet. Once again thank you for the booklet.”

Annan Academy, Annan

“Can you please forward another 20 free copies of the Kindness UK Pack for Secondary Schools – Supporting, Promoting and Sharing Kindness Booklet. Many thanks.”

Gairloch High School, Gairloch

“I have added quotes to our daily bulletin from the 11th and encouraged register teachers to engage with their classes on these. We will use the pack on Kindness Day, I would like to introduce a quote each day until Kindness Day on 13th November when I would like to do something related to this, maybe in classes but certainly involving pupils in thinking about their modus operandi. The purpose of the quote would be to have pupils think about how they behave and to inculcate a more caring attitude. I am very pleased to have received the pack and the simple idea of promoting kindness.”

The Berwickshire High School, Duns

“The pack makes for interesting reading, so much so that we are organising Afternoon Tea for the Senior Citizens in our local area for a date in November. Unfortunately we will not be able to hold this on the actual day, 13th November as this is an In Service Day in school. I have organised it for 17th November and my First Year Class will be heavily involved in all the preparation for this. Might you be able to send 4 more copies of the booklet please? This would be much appreciated. Thank you.”

Belmont Academy, Ayr

“Thank you for the packs, it’s a great quality resource. We will have a kindness week across the school, incorporate kindness into the timetables and focus on that area. Please can we have 6 more packs for the Heads of Departments?”

Lornshill Academy, Alloa

“I like the activities from all Curriculum Areas – very useful. Whole school ‘kindness’ project is planned and this material fits well to re-establish values.”

Mackie Academy, Kincardineshire

“We will initially utilise it as part of tutor time and development of our universal support package. We will have activities based around Kindness Day, 13th November, in tutor time for the week.”

Auchmuty High School, Glenrothes

“We will be using it in different departments. Please may I have 6 further copies for my colleagues? We will mention Kindness Day UK in all classes on 13th November.”

St Andrew’s R C High School, Kirkcaldy

“We will be using all activities and resources. On Kindness Day we will be doing appropriate activities from the pack.”

Ellon Academy, Aberdeenshire

“It would be helpful to have a copy for each faculty – 20 copies would be a real boost. On Kindness Day UK we will have assemblies to highlight ‘KINDNESS’. I have issued the packs to heads of department. Many of the suggested tasks are already being incorporated in the curriculum, with a view to including more.”

Loudoun Academy, Galston

“It all looks very well structured. Thank you very much for the book – I would intend using this in our Communication Centre and RME lessons. We will be fundraising for Children In Need on Kindness Day.”

Lathallan School, By Montrose

“RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical studies) related activities will fit nicely between research on faith and introducing ethics and morality. It will follow on from the film we use as a summary ‘Evan Almighty’ very well as it’s catch phrase is A.R.K (one Act of Random Kindness).”

Wallace Hall Academy, Dumfriesshire

“Lots of ideas. We will have a kindness week this academic year.”

Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh

“The Kindness pack looks like a great resource and I have already shared it with a couple of colleagues. We will be incorporating some of the activities within our school curriculum. In RMPS (religious, moral and philosophical studies) we look at what makes an action good or bad and what makes a person unique in our philosophy unit with S2 pupils (13 year olds) and how we can improve the world around us through our actions. There are a number of things that will fit into the different areas for the course. In S3&4, 14-16 year olds, we run the Scottish course on Religion beliefs and values, where the pupils are expected to put their values into action and do work for a charity, whether that be raising funds or raising awareness as part of this course we examine human behaviour and altruism features so the kindness activities will be used as part of this course. I will also encourage some of the groups to run a kindness day activity! There is also a Happiness course for our 6th year pupils and the activities will be used with some of the classes. The activities are clearly thought out and link with a huge variety of areas in the school’s curriculum. I will continue to read through the work and I’m sure that it will feature heavily in our curriculum from now on. Thank you so much for sending what I am sure will be a very valuable resource in the future and will become part of our teaching routine for years to come. I look forward to further investigating your website as well as I’m sure that it will also be very useful! Can I also request 2 extra copies for the colleagues that I have shared it with already, I hope to share it with many others as well! I will pass out the link to the website to all the staff in the school. Thanks again for sharing kindness with us all!”

Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride

“We are interested in your pack for Secondary Schools and wondered if it was possible to have 3 more copies in order that we can distribute across a few departments.”

Springburn Academy, Glasgow

“I would like to receive 10 more copies of the booklet so that I can give a copy to each member of our Pupil Support Team.”

Ayr Academy, Ayr

“Many thanks for the resource. We’d be happy to receive another couple of packs if you can manage.”

George Heriot’s School, Edinburgh

“Thank you for the pack. We are pursuing the acts of kindness idea through our pupil council and also with our S6 pupils who will be class of 2015 – perhaps they can have a pledge as a year group. Thank you for the materials.”

St Paul’s RC High School, Glasgow

“I would be obliged if you could send 6 copies of the publication to our school. Many thanks.”

Linwood High School, Paisley

“I look forward to using the resources with our young people. Thank you.”