“Very useful pack.Carried out kind deeds in the classroom,school yard and at home.Received stickers for our efforts.”

Seymour Hill Primary School, Dunmurray

“We will use the plants & nature sections, book and poster print outs. Many thanks.”

Ballycarrickmaddy Primary School, Northern Ireland

“I like all the ideas; kindness quiz, resources guide and ideas for kindness. Thanks!”

St Mary's Primary School, County Tyrone

“All parts of the pack look appropriate to different classes. These lessons will be very useful for PPMU and for assembly ideas; in promoting pastoral care. Thank you.”

Gillygooley Primary School, Northern Ireland

“The alphabet of friendliness and many other activities in the pack look useful.”

St Teresa's Primary School, Belfast

“We liked the kindness quiz, online resources and the different activities. This would be useful in the promotion of PDMU and will be kept in a central resource. Thank you.”

Southwark Park School, London

“This will add to work we're already doing around anti-bullying. We plan to look at it with a group of antibullying ambassadors and use some of the ideas in our school generally. Thank you!!”

Donegall Road Primary School, Belfast

“The book, wallchart, letter, stories and resources all look useful. Great ideas, thank you so much.”

Churchill Primary School, County Tyrone

“Particularly like the environmental kindness ideas and kindness zone. Will use aspects of the lessons to form whole school assemblies.”

Grange Primary School, Kilkeel

“The whole pack looks useful and it ties in with our school values.”

St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh

“I love the idea of the kindness wall. I hope as part of our school council initiative, we will set about encouraging all our pupils to write some acts of kindness by others/to writ these on our coloured brick and add it to our "friendship wall" in the canteen. Thank you.”

Brownlee Primary School, Lisburn

“Pack has been distributed to all classes - each teacher will then decide on most suitable elements for their class. Thank you.”

Cairncastle Primary School, Ballygally

“The downloads and online resources look useful, plus Activities for KS1.”

Gaelscoil na Mona, Antrim

“The whole pack looks great - we'll translate some parts into Irish. Can we have more copies for all teachers please?”

Moira Primary School, County Armargh

“Dear Kindness UK, just a quick note to let you know how we used your ideas for our Anti-Bullying week in October. All pupils filled in a daily diary of what Acts of Kindness they did and we displayed some on a Kindness Tree in our foyer. Many thanks.”

Bunscoil Mhic Reachtain, Belfast

“Thank you very much – An excellent booklet with great ideas!”

Ardstraw Jubilee Primary School, County Tyrone

“We have adopted 6 Golden Rules in our school – one of which is ‘We are kind and helpful’ so this resource is a wonderful addition to the work we do to promote this rule. Thank you!”

St Athanasius Primary School, Lanarkshire

“An excellent resource which enhances our HWB programme, Democracy and our RE. We look forward to using it.”

Christ the King Primary School, Ballynahinch

“Thank you for this, looks lovely!”

Kilbride Primary School, Ballyclare

“Some good ideas. Being used in classes where there has been ongoing behaviour issues.”

Barnish Primary School, Ballyvoy

“The lesson activities look useful. We will definitely be making a Kindness Book.”

Carniny Primary School, Ballymena

“We will use in assembly to reinforce Kindness.”

Holy Cross Girls Primary School, Belfast

“The wall chart looks useful for a whole school display.”

Largymore Primary School, Lisburn

“Download Resources, Class Kindness Book, ideas for PPMU and Anti-Bullying Week all look useful.”

Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche

Will do this during Anti-Bullying Week, 18th-22nd November. Kindness week. Great pack to get general feedback from kids via quizzes.

Ballycastle Integrated Primary School, County Antrim

“We will be trying to use some of these activities during the 'Great Kindness Challenge Week.”

Woods Primary School, Oaklea Road

“Ideas are easy to do. Links in well with PDMU.”

St Joseph's Primary School, Meigh

“Many thanks - a lovely idea.”

Mount St Michael's Primary School, Antrim

“It links with our school values. We teach our values at the beginning of each year so this will be used in September of each year.”

St Joseph's Primary School, Killough N.I

“I'm confident we will make great use of this book as a whole school. Thank you.”

St Caireall's Primary School, Co. Tyrone

“The Pack will certainly be of use in our school as it links in with the ethos of our school and what we try to foster in our children. It is therefore useful to have further ideas for activities and resources.”

St Patrick's Primary School (Glen), Maghera

“We really like the resources on the website and will be giving out weekly kindness certificates at assembly. A thoughtful publication that I fully intent to use.”

Knockbreda Primary School, Belfast

“Thank you! Some lovely ideas to promote this area.”

Randalstown Central Primary School, Randalstown.

“Lovely user friendly pack. Fits in very well with our school ethos. Looks easy to implement. We'll enjoy the variety of activities. Thank you!”

St Anne's Primary School, Co. Tyrone.

“The Kindness Zone and Gardening Club are lovely ideas. Thank you.”

Stewartstown Primary School, Co. Tyrone

“Some lovely ideas; simple and easy to do! We have done activity 11 - Hatching chicks - it was very worthwhile.”

Rathenraw Integrated Primary School, County Antrim

“Lovely resource with good ideas that can be incorporated into our topics and link to circle time. Love the resources online.”

Oakgrove Integrated Primary School, L'Derry.

“Kindness is our whole school theme next term - we have a Kindness wall. Great to have new resources and a website, thanks.”