West Kirby St Bridget's C of E Primary School

“I loved it! We used numerous packs to create lessons. It has made 'kindness' an essential theme in our school. Please keep going, thank you!”

Ellel St Johns CE Primary School – Lancashire

“Please could you email me a pdf copy of the kindness pack for primary age. Many thanks.”

River View Primary School, Salford

“I found it very interesting reading about the kindness packs and the wonderful learning that took place because of them. Please can I request a Primary school publication? We are having a community supper on Kindness Day, 13th November, at school and I thought it would be lovely to have a whole school push on kindness that week building up to the community supper and kinking it with our parents and the wider community on that day. Many thanks.”

Ludworth Primary School, Cheshire

“An excellent pack. Thank you.”

West Kirby St Bridget's CofE Primary School, Merseyside

“All of the pack is very useful and user-friendly. Great for any age/ Thank you for a wonderful resource.”

Offley Primary School, Cheshire

“We plan to use this pack in our school. Kindness in history is too abstract for the children I am working with to fit into start sessions. Perhaps add more on empathy and how it makes you feel to be kind, and for others to be kind to you.

Spindle Point Primary School, Bolton

“The kindess tree looks useful. Thanks for the resource.”

Warrington St Barnabas CofE Primary School, Cheshire

“Will fit in nicely with our week on PSHE through SEAL.”

Irby Primary School, Wirral

“It looks lovely. I will be putting it to staff to use in their classes, during our staff meeting. Any visual ideas to help the teachers would be great.”

Trinity and St Michael's VA CofE/Methodist Primary School, Leyland

“Please could you also include some whole school assembly ideas as well. Kindness is one of our school values.”

Grange CofE Primary School, Grange-over-Sands

“The idea of a kindness area looks useful. We will use the pack as part of PSHE with our SEAL activities.”

Norbreck Primary School, Lancashire

“We have a 'Friendship Day' and will use much of the material from the Kindness UK pack then. Thank you.”

St Saviours Catholic Primary School, Cheshire

“The letters and stories look useful. We will consider using this with links with PSD, Literacy and Science.”

Burlington CofE School, Cumbria

“The booklet provides some well thought out activities that could be used across the curriculum.”

Health and Wellbeing Officer, Liverpool

“I am a primary school teacher who is seconded to Liverpool Healthy Schools to support and train teachers in PSHEE. I would be grateful if you would send me a resource pack so that I can share this with others. Many thanks and wishing you a peaceful break over the holiday period.”

Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School, Kendal

“Some lovely ideas for use in the classroom and additional resourced done in a cross-curricular way.”

Guilden Sutton CofE Primary School, Chester

“All staff have been shown book and Kindness stories have been downloaded. Book and activities have been stored on out school prayer table and used as part of our P. 4 C sessions.”

Beckstone Primary School, Workington

“A very useful resource that can be used from nursery up to Year 6. Thank you.”

Poulton-le-Sands Church of England Primary School, Morecambe

“I am the new Family and Pupil Support Worker at the school. I was given your book and from an initial glance I have made an acrostic sheet using the word Kindness and given out sheets with the list on page 5 to small groups from yr 4 and yr 5. I will probably use more ideas in the future, thank you.”

Farnworth Church of England Controlled Primary School, Widnes

“As a church school our work is underpinned by a set of Christian values and Kindness is one of the values we really focus on. We link our values to Bible teachings and it is interesting to see how your resource takes a much more holistic approach – I particularly like the inclusion of Kindness to plants and animals.”

Witton Church Walk CE Primary School, Cheshire

“We have recently received your kindness pack for schools. We will certainly be using all your useful ideas. We encourage the children to try to make a difference to those less fortunate than themselves. Each class chose a way to help charity organisations and the local community. Just a few of the class projects involved; helping to clean up at the local dogs trust, going to all the local charity shops to say thank you to the staff and to let them know that they make a real difference and planting flowers at the local residential home. Some children went out with their parents to find homeless people to give them food, drinks and blankets. The whole school donated non perishable food to the local community food bank. The list is long and the children often come into school with a new idea to help those in need and together we will try to make a difference.”

Great Harwood St. John's CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“We practice many of the ideas in your kindness booklet. How can we progress with our good work in this area? Thank you.”

The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School, Carlisle

“Very simple ideas.”

Victoria Infant and Nursery School, Barrow-in-Furness

“Some aspects of the “Kindness” book will sit well within our whole school PSHE curriculum.”

Moor Park Primary School, Blackpool

“Some nice ideas for assemblies and class discussion in the activities. Thank you for the pack - its always nice to have additional ideas to promote one of our key values in school.”

Legh Vale Primary School Early Years and Childcare Centre, St Helen's

“A nice idea, thank you.”

St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School, Northwich

“To be used in assemblies linking to Gospel values and how we treat each other. Some aspects to be used by School Council and some with House captains to give children ownership.”

Melling St Wilfrid Church of England Primary School, Carnforth

“Very useful, thank you.”

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Partington

“Great ideas for activities to use with the pupils. This will be a good support for our circle times and also as we have 'kindness' as one of our monthly values. Always good to have some fresh ideas. Thank you.”

Broadoak Primary School, Salford

“We will be using ideas for assemblies and in class PSHE lessons. We will also be exploring the option of creating a book with records of acts of kindness to raise the profile of kindness in school. Found the questions on the website a useful start to my assembly 30/9/13. We'd really like to have a 'Kind School' certificate.”

Rimrose Hope CofE Primary

“We introduced a 'Hope' scheme in school 18 months ago with a range of values the children can aspire to; endurance; creation; justice; hope; service; friendship; wisdom. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can encourage children to make these values real in everyday circumstances. This book will be 'grist to the mill.'”

Northway Primary School & Nursery, Merseyside

“We would like to request a kindness pack to be sent to us so that our school can be involved! Many thanks.”

St Augustine's CofE Primary School, Manchester

“This term our Christian value theme is "Friendship". I have used the resources in assemblies to create discussions with the children. Their responses have been thought provoking. Thank you for sending the school this really useful resource.”

Darwen St Barnabas Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Lancashire

“The pack fits well with our Christian values which we promote across the whole curriculum. The activities can be tailored to any age group.”

Longshaw Infant School, Lancashire

“Your kindness pack is just wonderful and will be a great support for our school development plan and review of policies around behaviour. We are in a challenging area of Blackburn and developing kindness and empathy is a key part of our curriculum.”

Charles Saer Community Primary School, Lancashire

“We will be using the pack in our school. As a school, we do try to encourage kindness and I think the resources in the pack will be especially useful in this mission! It is appropriate for all age groups and is very 'user friendly' (for which I am grateful!!)”

Wolverham Primary and Nursery School, Cheshire

“We will use this book during group activities with Support Staff and our Learning Mentor.”

Crosby-on-Eden CofE School, Cumbria

“The kindness book idea, short stories on-line and other on-line resources will all be useful to us.”

Woolton Primary School, Merseyside

“The resources will be passed to all year groups to be used in class assemblies. Kindness books will be encouraged in all classes. Thank you - a fantastic resource.”

St Margaret's CofE Primary School, Greater Manchester

“I have passed your resource onto the teachers - it looks like there are some really good ideas. Thank you.”

Bowlee Park Community Primary School, Greater Manchester

“Some of the activities are cross-curricular and can be used in PHSE and circle time. The downloadable resources to support the kindness activities are useful too.”

Braithwaite CofE VA Primary School, Cumbria

“Great activities, easy to follow.”

St Mary's CofE Primary School, Manchester

“We particularly like the idea of classroom zones and environmental focus on the classroom ethos.”

Blacklow Brow Primary School, Merseyside

“Thank you for our certificate and kindness pack. It fits in very well with our 'SEAL' provision in school. I particularly like your downloadable kindness certificate which I have used for individual acts of kindness. Many thanks.”

Valewood Primary School, Merseyside

“Going to share at a staff meeting. Thank you!”

Templemoor Infant and Nursery School, Cheshire

“We do work on PSHE but I think identifying kindness specifically is a great idea! It will be really useful. Thanks..”

Willow Wood Community Primary School, Cheshire

“Thank you! I used in assembly and for groups.”

Turton and Edgworth CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“We hope to use the resources as part of our friendship week.”

Armitage CofE Primary School, Greater Manchester

“I put this in the staffroom for everyone to enjoy.”

Ribby with Wrea Endowed CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“The online resources and choice of activities for both older and younger children are useful.”

Gosforth CofE School, Cumbria

“We would love to create a kindness zone!”

Aspull Church Primary School, Lancashire

“We will celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13th 2013 - it is already in the diary. This fits in so well with our Christian values.”

St Wilfrid's CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“We are a Values Education school and thus this pack will be useful when exploring values such as caring and thoughtfulness.”

St Michael's CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“The pack looks to be full of good ideas...There are lots of useful suggestions.”

Preston Greenlands Community Primary School, Lancashire

“It all looks great, thank you!”

St George's CofE School, Cumbria

“Used as whole school actions linked to weekly/daily worship.”

St Paul's CofE Primary School, Cheshire

“Very useful to encourage children to think about their behaviour towards others!”

St Clement's CofE Primary School, Manchester

“The topics and activities e.g. kindness tree and focussing on a local person who's shown kindness are really useful.”

Irlam Primary School, Manchester

“Good ideas to use for whole school assemblies!”

Fir Ends Primary School, Cumbria

“I was thrilled with this resource pack as a busy PSHE teacher I am always looking for new ideas to promote my subject. I will use all of the lesson plans as well as the online resources.”

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School, Leeds

“Nicely & clearly presented activities. Easy to follow - we are thinking of giving our School Council the job of promoting this & it will be an easy resource for them to follow.”

Sutton Manor Community Primary School, Merseyside

“This was passed onto staff who asked to include aspects in their lessons.”

Inglewood Infant School, Cumbria

“What a delightful pack - we will use some of these ideas to raise awareness of 'kind' acts. Thank you for sending it to us.”

Upperby Primary School, Cumbria

“Useful ideas for assemblies. Thank you.”

St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Lancashire

“Most of it looks useful. Thank you!”

Woodfield Primary School, Lancashire

“The pack looks very useful. It fits in very well with our SEAL curriculum. Thank you.”

Blackshaw Lane Primary and Nursery School, Greater Manchester

“It is refreshing to know that someone else is thinking about the lack of social niceties that some children have. I have felt disillusioned and old fashioned but today, reading your book, it re-affirmed that manners are a must, and we have a responsibility to teach kindness. Thank you.”

Threlkeld CofE, Cumbria

“A useful resource, thank you. In this day and age there is a lot of self centred thought (Twitter, Facebook, constant photos of self). It is about time the balance is readdressed. It is good to know that there are organisations like yours around.”

All Saints C of E Primary School, Manchester

“Kindness is one of our Christian values which were chosen by children, parents, staff and governors. We provide certificates and do assemblies for a 3 week period during the year about each of out 12 values, so this will be very useful. I will use all of it with different age groups. Thank you.”

St. John's CofE Infant School, Lancashire

“One of our school values is 'kindness' - we have a Values Day Carousel of Activities each year - useful ideas for activities for kindness. Also - it is part of the school social behaviour policy and therefore useful ideas for social emotional aspects of learning resources.”

Belle Vale Community Primary, Merseyside

“Practical ideas to promote the importance of kindness.”

Scotforth St Paul's CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“All of it looks useful, especially the online resources.”

Horsforth Newlaithes Primary, Leeds

“I teach PHSE in school and run the playground/peer mentors. I also cover lessons at short notice during teacher activities so will find the booklet useful for one-off lessons. Not read through all of it yet but it is full of good ideas. Thanks.”

Underwood West Primary School, Cheshire

“We found all of it useful - we will use it to promote kindness across school.”

Marton and District C of E Aided Primary School, Cheshire

“All of the pack looks informative. Thank you.”

Queensgate Primary School, Cheshire

“The parts of the pack I found useful were the suggested activities.”

Gawsworth Primary School, Cheshire

“Lesson plan looks good. Thank you.”

Cambridge Road Community Primary and Nursery School, Cheshire

“What an excellent idea! Love this type of thing. The only mistake you made is not including the Henry James Quote: “The 3 most important things in life are...1) to be kind 2) to be kind 3) to be kind.”

St. Alban's Catholic Primary, Cheshire

“Some lovely activites to promote kindness. Thank you.

Cuddington Primary School, Cheshire

“This is a simple but useful resource that will be helpful in supporting our PHSE curriculum with ideas. Thank you.”

St James' CofE Infant School, Cumbria

“We have a kindness cup which is presented to a different child each term. The children are always delighted to take the cup home for a term.”

Kirkby Thore School, Cumbria

“Lots of sections will be useful for assemblies and circle time.”

Hayton CofE Primary School, Cumbria

“...it looks very useful and we have been doing some work like this so this is a useful additional resource. Thank you.”

Ramsden Infant School, Cumbria

“I will be using the pack in assemblies.”

Burnley Brow Community School, Greater Manchester

“Thank you for your resource. Just reading the title made me feel happier on this Monday morning.”

Springhead Infant and Nursery School, Greater Manchester

“Lots of ideas that we will promote through assembly and follow up with circle time activities. Fun ideas that can be used throughout.”

Woodside Primary School, Cheshire

“This pack fits in perfectly with the ethos of our school - we integrate PSHCE wherever we can and promote a caring community. Our pupils are often from difficult and challenging backgrounds and kindness is a rare commodity in their lives. Thank you.”

Scarisbrick St Mark's CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“We are currently reviewing the Christian character of the school and this pack will be very useful when examining our Christian values. The suggestions you have given for 'kindness' can be transferred to many values.”

Saint Mary's Catholic Primary School, Lancashire

“An absolutely lovely resource which I'd love to implement throughout the whole school” - Saint Mary's Catholic Primary School requested and received 13 extra packs for each of their classes.

Newton Primary School, Chester

“I like your online stories in particular for assemblies.”

Pennington C of E School, Cumbria

“I have started using some of the activities in our school assemblies and the children have found them very useful.”

Hillside Primary School, Merseyside

“We run 'Acts of Kindness' in school and it has had a profound impact on behaviour. Many thanks for the pack.”

Prescot Primary School, Merseyside

“All the activities can be used across the year groups.”

Coppull Primary School and Children's Centre, Lancashire

“We will use this with our Learning Mentor as part of our SEAL work. Thank you for the resource!”

Moor Nook Community School, Lancashire

“Really useful resource. We are using it as a school by delivering several assemblies about different aspects of kindness. This will be followed up by learning mentors and class teachers and by having a kindness area in the school.”

Hurst Knoll St James' C of E Primary School, Lancashire

“Thank you for sending this pack to us. It is always useful to have fresh ideas to keep the children interested and aware of how to treat other people respectfully.”

Overchurch Infant School, Merseyside

“We have done a lot on character traits that promote individual responsibility and positivity so this will fit in really well.”

Greengate Junior School, Cumbria

“All of the book looks good! Looking forward to using the materials.”

St Margaret's C of E Primary School, Manchester

“This resources looks very useful and we will use it in both key stages.”

St Bartholomew's C of E Primary School, Lancashire

“The Kindness Quiz is useful - being kind to each other in the playground is always an issue - the children generated a lot of discussion over these statements.”

SGoosnargh Whitechapel Primary, Lancashire

“I will use the pack as starters during whole school assemblies. Catering for age 11 is difficult and this will help. Thank you.”

St Philip's C of E Controlled Primary School, Merseyside

“Thank you for this wonderful resource. We will be using this in every class during a 'kindness' themed week in the summer term.”

Willow Lane Community Primary School, Lancashire

“We are beginning to introduce 'Values Education' into the school and this pack is a brilliant way to get us started. 'Kindness' is our starting point and we will be dipping into many of your resources. Thank you.”

Appley Bridge All Saints C of E Primary School, Lancashire

“Our school's Christian value for the half term between Easter and Spring is kindness. We will use the pack to help plan assemblies and lessons during this time.”

St Peter's C of E Primary School, Lancashire

“It will support our worship sessions linked to values.”

Thornley Primary School, County Durham

“The theme 'kindness' fits with our Rights Respecting Charter and will be an excellent addition to our personal/social education as well as family groups. Thank you!”

Tebay Community Primary School, Cumbria

“Lovely ideas - Tempted to put Kindness Zone on the classroom door or school gate!!”

Ladybridge Community Primary, Lancashire

“It's nice to see a booklet focusing on this, rather than the endless information we receive regarding academic standards. Thanks.”

Devonshire Primary School, Lancashire

“The ideas look simple to use, but good ways to promote kindness! We have a 'friendship week' in school so some of the activities will be useful then.”

Mawdesley St Peter's CofE Primary School, Lancashire

“I love all the ideas in the book especially the activity about acts of kindness and what is an act of kindness. I also love the 'you are now entering a kindness zone' and the display ideas. They will make great whole school displays. Thanks!”

Kensington Community Primary School, Liverpool

“The ideas can be easily adapted for different levels...We will be using all parts at different times.”

Dovedale Infant School, Liverpool

“All of the pack looks useful! This is something we remind about or promote on a daily basis.”

St Andrew's C of E Primary School, Lancashire

“This fits in well with our school development priority around children's emotional health and well being. We will use the ideas to compliment this work.”

Saighton C of E Primary School, Cheshire

“It is set at the right level and is easy to read. The children will use post-its to record all the acts of kindness that go on in school this week - our target is 100+! Thank you so much.”

Longmoor Community Primary School, Liverpool

Requested and received 2 extra Kindness Packs to use in their school.

High Lane Primary School, Cheshire

“Thank you for sending it in, all of it is useful.”

Accrington St Mary Magdalen's C of E Primary School, Lancashire

“The activities fit in to our friendship awards and we have used some activities in assemblies.”

Clayton Brook Primary School, Lancashire

“We are using the pack to put a different slant on 'anti-bullying'. We are calling it 'kindness week'. An assembly will take place on Monday after half term and then follow up activities will take place throughout the week. This will link perfectly with our SEAL focus.”

St Luke and St Phillips C of E VA Primary School, Lancashire

“All of it appears to be useful in different subject areas e.g. kindness to plants provides a link between PHSE and science.”

Hoddlesden St Paul's C of E Primary School, Lancashire

“The whole book is useful as the areas covered are wide ranging and varied.”

Oakfield Primary and Moderate Learning Difficulties Resource Base, Cheshire

“There are some useful suggestions which could work well with our children. It is always good to receive new ideas or suggestions.”

Knowsley Junior School, Greater Manchester

“...it will be very useful, especially for small groups of children, many thanks.”