Spring Gardens Primary, North Shields, Tyneside

“I love the idea of the kindness book.The children love writing in it when they have spotted an act of kindness.We have also adapted the certifictes to use in assembly weekly.”

Belton All Saints CofE Primary School, Doncaster

“We'll be using this pack in our school. Perhaps you could add some assembly ideas and link with stories and songs. The pack also link to existing S.E.A.L. material in school.”

Cocktonhill Infants School, County Durham

“We are very proud of our certificate for Kindness. Our school council takes great pride in showing this on our notice board. We enjoy coming up with different ideas to encourage Kindness within our school and enjoy using your booklet. Thank you.”

Yeadon Westfield Infant School, Leeds

“The practical ideas look very useful. We would like more copies for staff to have in their classrooms.”

Holy Trinity CofE Junior School, Ripon

“We like the whole approach using interactivity. We suggest you develop a further series. Thank you.”

Thorne Moorends West Road Primary School, Doncaster

“I am trying it out on my class first, then I shall pass it on. My year ¾ class are very enthusiastic about making a Kindness Book!”

Haworth Primary School, Keighley

“Assembly template looks useful as we are doing kindness as a theme is assemblies.”

Greatwood Community Primary School, Skipton

“We are an enhanced mainstream school for Behaviour, Emotional and Social Difficulties and as such, we use SEAL and emotional literacy. This resource will be extremely useful in providing ideas to assist with SEAL. Thank you.”

Balliol Primary School, Longbenton

“We have a number of ways in which we promote kindness. We try to focus on the intrinsic rewards i.e being kind makes us feel good. Your pack and website fit exactly with our philosophy. Thank you – we will definitely use your materials.”

Holy Trinity 3-16 Catholic and Church of England School (Primary Phase), Barnsley

“I will copy the pack and give staff copies to use in lessons. Thank you for your resources.”

St Hilda's Roman Catholic Primary School, Whitby

“I will share it with staff. We do have some similar things in place but there were some new ideas too.”

St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School, Scunthorpe

“This resource fits beautifully with our ethos, as well as our work to promote and environmentally friendly curriculum. Many thanks.”

Millhouse Primary School, Sheffield

Clear and easy to follow. Given to HZTA to use in PHSE lessons.

St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School, Ripon

“We have distributed it throughout the school to allow teachers to use as suitable.”

Shawlands Primary School, Barnsley

“I particularly like the idea of the Kindness Book and the activity on kindness…vocabulary. The theme ties in nicely with our school values.”

Holy Trinity CofE VA Primary School, South Shields

“All of the book looks useful. Some good ideas to be incorporated into Assembly Time.”

Aston Lodge Primary School, Sheffield

“Lovely ideas and downloadable resources to promote kindness. Thank you.”

Howden Church of England Infant School, Howden

“Thank you for the resource pack.”

High Bank Junior Infant and Nursery School, Liversedge

“We had only just been saying how we needed to think of ways to encourage the children to be kinder to one another. Then your package arrived! We shall certainly be using the material. Please keep us updated by email. Many thanks.”

Kirk Smeaton CE Primary School, Pontefract

“Can you send us a Kindness Pack. Thank you.”

Thorpe Hesley Infant School, South Yorkshire

“Can we please request a Kindness UK pack. Many thanks.”

Norristhorpe Junior and Infant School, West Yorkshire

“I shall be using the book alongside my Nurture Groups. There are lots of ideas which I feel sure will prove very useful.”

Ravensthorpe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School, West Yorkshire

“It was really helpful to have the resources available online, especially the stories, so all staff were able to have access to them quickly.”

Overdale Infant School, Leicester

“Thank you. This will be especially helpful in stimulating conversations in our nature group.”

Colden Junior and Infant School, West Yorkshire

“What a great idea - we thoroughly approve of your work and think it will contribute to the sum of human happiness; which is what life's all about.”

Worthinghead Primary School, West Yorkshire

“We have a forest school, so the activities around growing, animal habitats, planting etc are useful for us. Thank you.”

Saltergate Infant School, North Yorkshire.

“All aspects fit well with our school's Golden Rules and the SEAL curriculum. Many Thanks indeed!”

Skipton Parish Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, North Yorkshire

“Developing kindness as part of emotional intelligence (SEAL) will be particularly useful. We can certainly use this with Year 3 and 4 PSHCE lessons. Thank you.”

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, West Yorkshire

“Very good resource! The ideas for displays to promote kindness are really useful.”

Leadgate Community Junior School, County Durham

“The school celebrates international kindness day as part of the PHSE curriculum so this pack will be a very useful resource.”

West View Primary School, Hartlepool

“Activities chosen would be good starter activities at the beginning of the year with a new class, to focus on setting up own classroom rules. You can use activities as part of circle time in PSHCE sessions. We hatch our own chicks in foundation stage - so it links to our curriculum well.”

Belmont Cheveley Park Primary School, County Durham

“Making a kindness book and using stories about kindness are good ideas.”

Marsden Infant and Nursery School, West Yorkshire

“We need to build this into the current PSHCE curriculum and collective worship.”

Mundella Primary School, South Yorkshire

“The resources will be used by our home/school link to promote friendship and kindness with small groups of children who at times struggle with their behaviour. The resources will also be made available to all teaching staff.”

Sand Hutton CofE Primary School, North Yorkshire

“Individual ideas which can reinforce the ethos of the school - easy format for staff to dip into.”

Hudson Road Priary School, Tyne and Wear

“Our Kind School Certificate is displayed centrally - it has helped to raise profile of kindness projects with the staff. I have also printed a certificate from your website and displayed on my class Kindness Wall. This was well received by the children. Thank you.”

Fagley Primary School, West Yorkshire

“What a wonderful resource pack and the children have thoroughly enjoyed the 'kindness work'. What a boost to their self-esteem, empathy and confidence. A group of children have just completed a 6 week programme from the Kindness UK resource pack. The children had special educational needs and were very vulnerable for a variety of reasons. In our celebration assembly they are to be presented a certificate for their kindness work. We intend to extend this work to the rest of the school step by step so that 'kindness' is a word our children will be using. Thank you.”

Kilnhurst St Tomas CofE Primary School, South Yorkshire

“The discussion points throughout are useful.”

Netherton Infant and Nursery School, West Yorkshire

“This will fit into our current topics.”

Wheatcroft Community Primary School, North Yorkshire

“Great ideas to promote kindness which I will be using in my SEAL support groups and with my anti-bullying resources.”

Beech Early Years and Infant School, West Yorkshire

“Great kindness book/zone ideas.”

Northfield Primary School, West Yokshire

“What a great resource. Thank you. As a school our underlying philosophy is very much based on mutual respect, including kindness, tolerance and qualities that make us responsible individuals. We will use the ideas to support activities we already use with our community, parents and children. If we all shared acts of kindness wouldn't the world be a better place? Many thanks.”

Winlaton West Lane Community Primary School, Tyne and Wear

“What a lovely idea!.”

Fitzwilliam Primary School, West Yorkshire

“I have read through the pack and looked at the website. It will fit perfectly into our work on Anti-Bullying. A great resource!.”

Scawsby Saltersgate Infant School, South Yorkshire

“I will be using the book to plan a series of assembles over a two week period.”

West Melton Junior and Infant School, South Yorkshire

“Our values and school vision to be a creative, caring and confident school link perfectly with the activities and messages in the book. I will be using some of the activities for our school assemblies. Many thanks.”

Swain House Primary School, West Yorkshire

“Our Learning Mentor will be using elements of this resource as part of a lunchtime club with children in years 3 and 4.”

St Mary's Church of England Primary School, South Yorkshire

“Lots of ideas using the theme of kindness in different ways. Interesting resources which link well with our Christian Value themes.”

Hyrstmount Junior School, West Yorkshire

“Good ideas for PHSCE lessons. Kindness wall chart will promote ongoing ideas for being kind to one another.”

West Melton Primary School, South Yorkshire

“I really like your pack and have organised our next terms assemblies around the activities in there.”

Prior's Mill CofE Primary School, Teeside

“The activities, vocabulary to explore, stewardship and resources look useful.”

East Ayton Community Primary School, North Yorkshire

“All of the activities are great and will be most helpful. Good for assemblies, PSHCE curriculum, circle time. We will make children reflect on aspects of their own attitudes towards kindness.”

Churwell Primary School, West Yokshire

“Many of the activities will be useful to use in assemblies to introduce the subject and then PHSE in class to allow children to apply practical skills to help improve and enhance the school community.”

Headlands Primary School, York

“We award a 'Kindness Cup' every half term to one child who exhibits these characteristics. This will link nicely to our assembly.”

Battle Hill Primary School, Tyne and Wear

“This pack could be used across the school in circle time/ PSHE lessons and also links well to S.E.A.L.”

Hambleton Church of Englad VC Primary School, North Yorkshire

“This looks like such a well presented and simple practitioners resource that I'm sure we will find very helpful in labelling positive values and attitudes. As a VC CofE school we actively promote Christian values and this resource fits in beautifully with our school views and values. Thank you!”

St Anne's Roman Catholic VA Primary School, Tyne and Wear

“I like the idea that each resource builds on the prior knowledge from the previous lesson. The book provides discussion points which are used in the Nurturing Programme in school. Also resources could be used to teach PHSE.”

Grewelthorpe C of E Primary School, North Yorkshire

“The book has some great ideas.”

St Matthew's C of E Primary School, West Yorkshire

“We will put this pack with our PHSCE resources and dip into it as and when necessary. Thank you very much.”

The Grove Primary School, County Durham

“Especially useful for assemblies and PSHE. I like the kindness book activity.”

Askern Spa Junior School, South Yorkshire

“Good link to PSHE”

West Vale Primary School, West Yorkshire

“We will use this in conjunction with SEAL at the beginning of the year to set class ethos.”

Edlington Victoria Primary School, South Yorkshire

“Thank you. This may well form the basis of some teaching to small groups of children.”

Mexborough Pitt Street Infant School, South Yorkshire

“Full of good ideas that can be used in an infant school.”

Little London Community Primary School, West Yorkshire

“Thank you - at last something that relates to a real value rather than a national standard! We are already well on the journey of creating a school and community where kindness, love and joy feature highly in expectations and aspirations. It will be a pleasure and an honour to be involved with Kindness UK. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do to support this 'flame'.”

Hurworth Primary School, County Durham

“I have given the pack to our relevant subject coordinator and feel sure that they will be grateful for the pack. I can certainly see how it links in with some of our topics for assembly.”

Foredyke Primary School, Yorkshire

“I will use the pack to promote kindness and positive emotional well-being. We are working with the Hull mental health project too.”

Our Lady and St Brendan's Catholic Primary School, West Yorkshire

“Fun and varied ideas for activities to promote kindness.”

Nettlesworth Primary School, County Durham

“The parts of the pack I found most useful were the practical suggestions e.g. a kindness bulletin board in each classroom.”

Cherry Dale Primary School, South Yorkshire

“All parts will be useful for children of all ages.”

Broadway Junior School, Tyne and Wear

“Thank you so much - it was a lovely surprise in the post and we will certainly be taking lots of the suggestions on board.”

Thomas Walling Primary School, Tyne and Wear

“We operate a 'value of the month' in addition to our core values of enthusiasm, respect and honesty. This month coincidentally happens to be kindness so it is a very timely and welcome initiative. Thank you.”

Eastborough Junior Infant and Nursery School, West Yorkshire

“Many thanks - it is useful to have lots of ideas brought together in one easy to access resource pack.”

Meanwood CofE, West Yorkshire

“What a lovely idea! It actually made me smile when I opened it. We will be using it to support our ethos statements, SMSC and PHSE work in school. Thank you.”

Pocklington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School, North Yorkshire

“A useful book, thank you. Ideas can be used in classroom and whole school or in a collective workshop.”

Netherthong Primary School, West Yorkshire

“We will use with our hearing Mentor as she works with groups/individual pupils when they are hurt/upset/having friendship issues!”

Normanton All Saints CofE, West Yorkshire

“Thank you for sending this copy - much appreciated!”

Healey Junior Infant and Nursery School, West Yorkshire

“Activities which we will write into our Long Term Plan for 2013/14.”

Russell Hall Primary School, West Yorkshire

“I will look to using this in our workshop assemblies. Will also pass on to the learning mentor. Thank you for the resource.”

West Heslerton CofE VC Primary School, North Yorkshire

“Simple nature of each activity page is useful and little preparation is needed. Thank you.”

High Green Primary School, South Yorkshire

“This is to be used in assemblies.”

Keyingham Primary School, Kingston-upon-Hull

“Creating a kindness book is something to develop in foundation stage before incorporating the other activities throughout the school.”

Bill Ashton, Assistant Head Teacher, Yorkshire

“I strongly recommend this to all colleagues who work with young people in primary schools.”

Bournmoor Primary School, Tyne and Wear

“Lots of great ideas broken down into clear sections. A really useful resource packed with ideas. Thank you.”

Birkenshaw C of E First School, West Yorkshire

“This pack links perfectly to out PSHCE lessons and our school ethos about looking after/being kind to each other and our environment. It will be used to enhance our teaching and for some assemblies. I am planning to use the idea of a kindness area as a focus for our reflection area and display. Thank you.”

Arkengarthdale C of E Primary School, North Yorkshire

“The quiz was very thought provoking. Fits well with the SEAL work we do with the children and has been useful in assembly. One theme - 'getting on and falling out' has been particularly appropriate”

Dearne Goldthorpe Primary School, South Yorkshire

“This will be useful as intervention ideas.”

Cockton Hill Infant School, County Durham

“This pack has been a great help to support kindness within our school. We now have kindness monitors who give out certificates in assemblies.”

Berwick Hills Primary School, Middlesbrough

“The further resources online are useful.”

Todwick Primary School, South Yorkshire

“I will use these ideas in assemblies for the whole school as well as for individual classes. Thank you, it's lovely!”

Bentley High Street Primary School, South Yorkshire

Requested and received 16 extra packs for each of their teachers.

St Aidan's C of E VA First School, West Yorkshire

“We especially like the online links.”

Pontefract Larks Hill School, West Yorkshire

“The pack will be very useful to supplement the PSHE and SMSC of the curriculum with all ages of the school.”

Christ Church CofE VA Junior School, Yorkshire

“Thank you for the Kindness pack that came today. There are some nice ideas. The downloadable resources advertised in the back look very useful.”

Fagley Primary School, Yorkshire

“Very useful to use in small group sessions with some of our troubled, behavioural children.”

Mill Hill Community Primary School, Yorkshire

“I will be using some of these ideas in small nurture groups. I particularly like the focus on kind/friendly statements.”

Kerr Mackie Primary School, Yorkshire

“Some good ideas that can become a PHSCE focus for a school and good links to other areas of the curriculum.”

Hudson Road Primary School, Tyne and Wear

“Many useful suggestions which we are keen to try out.”

Brougham Primary School, Middlesbrough

“The kindness chart and kindness plant look useful.”

Neville's Cross Primary School, County Durham

“Activities suited to all year groups and useful as part of Anti-Bullying fortnight.”

St Aidan's CofE Memorial School

“I'm involved in scouting and it looks to be suitable for the Beavers and Cubs age range too.”

Grange View CofE Voluntary Controlled First School, Northumberland

“The pack has cross curriculum possibilities - literacy/science etc. We could also use it as part of our reflection areas.”

Thurcroft Infant School, Yorkshire

“Some useful ideas for assemblies and PHSCE.”

Hempland Primary School, York

“We will use the pack as a prompt for school assemblies. Website is useful as a wider recourse too.”

Wavell Community Junior School, Yorkshire

“Thank you for sending this resource. It fits in very well with our PHSCE work.”

Shipley C of E Primary School, Yorkshire

“Your pack will give children a range of acts they may consider.”