Institution St Joseph, France

“In our school our pupils have certain lessons in English as well as English language lessons. This year we are concentrating particularly on kindness. I would be very grateful if you could send me a pack for Kindness Day, as I am always looking for resources in English to use in class. I teach children between the ages of 5 and 10 years. Thank you for your help. I will be using some of the activities with my pupils. We will be using the ideas throughout the year and particularly at and around the time of our Christmas celebrations in December. We will also be using the site.”

Richard Cobden Primary School – London

“I would very much like a copy of your kindness pack. The school council and I are working hard to promote kindness and would love some ideas. Thank you.”

Putney High Junior School, London

“We would be very interested to receive a copy of your Kindness Pack for Primary Schools. Thank you.”

North Bridge House Prep School, London

“I stumbled across this website as I was doing some research for an assembly on kindness. I would be extremely grateful if you could send a pack to our school. Looking forward to seeing some ideas within the pack and promise to let you know how it all goes.”

Furzedown Primary School, London

“Thank you for sending it to us.”

Churchfields Junior School, Redbridge

“A great place to start supporting our children to adopt these values.”

Trinity Primary Academy, Wood Green

“I like the idea of the Kindness Club and Certificates. Also like the idea of creating a Kindness zone.”

Wyvill Primary School and Centre for Children with Speech and Language Impairment, Lambeth

“Nice, thank you!”

Rokesly Junior Street, Crouch End

“It is a nice way of reminding everyone of the importance of Kindness. Thank you.”

Highfield Primary School, Winchmore Hill

“We will use the pack after Christmas when the value word we will be promoting for the first half term will be Kindness.”

St James's Hatcham Church of England Primary School, Lewisham

“Much if the booklet links to RE themes in our school. The activities are broad and will be stimulating for the children.”

The Knaphill Lower School

“Thought provoking and do-able! Thank you!”

The Globe Primary School, Bethnal Green

“What a lovely idea and there are lots for opportunities to incorporate the activities into curriculum learning as well as stand alone tasks. We like the downloadable resources. Our Learning Mentor will use it.”

Little Ealing Primary School, Ealing

“A fantastic concept. So glad that someone is on to it!”

St Luke's Church of England Aided Primary School, London

“We will be using this for Talk Topics, Family Groups, PSHE focus days, etc. Thank you!”

Our Lady of Grace RC Primary, London

“What a lovely book with super ideas that will certainly help create better relationships between all the children. Thank you very much!”

St Andrew's CofE Primary School, London

“We used the 'Be Kind' activities instead of one of the SEAL activities for the term in PSHE. Everybody (teachers and pupils) enjoyed the different activities and we will reuse them again next year.”

St Saviour's Catholic Primary School, London

“This is being circulated to start - there are a range of ideas that are useful.”

Coldfall Primary School, London

“I will use it in assemblies and for PHSE. Thank you very much - very useful!”

The Priory CofE School, London

“We will start to use all the activities in the Autumn.”

Hawley Primary School, London

“We promote this through our PSHE curriculum and our 'Golden Awards' assemblies which highlight positive behaviour.”

Botwell House Catholic Primary School, London

“Thank you for this resource. We run a 'virtues' programme throughout our school and this fits in nicely. Some very simple, but effective activities which are easy to use and easy to implement. Well done!”

Marvels Lane Primary School, London

“Thank you. We are currently doing kindness as our value word for this month. A couple of good ideas to add to my plan for assemblies. Especially Kindness Book and stories of people being kind.”

Brunswick Park Primary School, London

“We have had an initial assembly and I will follow through. Hope to add some of the children's responses to the website.”

Comber Grove School, London

“I shall leave the book on the staff room table for all to see and use! I was looking for an assembly idea at 24 hours notice and out popped this book!! Got great song and drama assembly out of your act of kindness! Thanks”

Hounslow Town Primary School, London

“Very helpful and will be incorporated into our PHSE curriculum and SEAL based assemblies.”

Foxfield Primary School, London

“We are currently rewriting our curriculum and creating 6 skills and 6 attributes. Kindness will either feature as an attribute in itself or part of another caring/empathy attribute. This came just at the right time! Many thanks.”

Charlotte Sharman Primary, London

“This is a really simple, easy to use resource. At first, when it landed on my desk I had the usual reaction of 'Yet another PHSE resource' but it's easy to read, pick up and deliver lessons or assemblies from. Especially like the fact that the resources are online and activities are in bullet point form essentially. More suitable for EVFS & LS1 - which is where the need is in our school.”

St Raphael's Catholic School, London

“Will probably implement kindness activities for World Kindness Day.”

Maryland Primary School, London

“We found the pack very useful. We have enclosed some photographs of the displays that stemmed from the children.”

Lyon Park Infant School, Wembley

“The activities will compliment our PHSE scheme of work and the values approach therefore I will encourage teachers to use these activities with the children in our infants school. The activities are easy to follow and will be used from Nursery to year 2.”

Mottingham Primary School, London

“The parts of the pack I found useful were the on-line /downloadable resources. Thank you for sending us the resources.”

Freezywater St George's CofE Primary School, London

“The pack has clear aims for each activity. This will be lovely to refer to when 'kindness' becomes our value of the month.”

Hathaway Primary School, London

“As an inner city school we need to constantly remind pupils that kindness, forgiveness and good deeds win the day as opposed to the 'revenge mentality'. So this pack really hits the spot in terms of the message that our pupils need to hear. I will distribute a copy to every class teacher, thank you.”

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, London

“I have passed it on to my year 3 teacher, many thanks - “Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not” - Shungru Suzuke

Edward Wilson Primary School, London

“We have already started kindness trees - but the pack has lots of further activities too, and we now have a kindness day!”

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Uxbridge

“The booklet was very interesting with some useful ideas. I really liked the idea about having a class kindness book, kindness wall chart and letters.”

Carol Reeman, Gladstone Primary School, London

“'s great! We can't wait to start using it in our school.”

Clapham C of E Primary School, London

“I intend to use this for 1:1 work with a particularly troubled child to help him learn to consider other people.”

Honeywell Infant School, London

“Lots of lovely suggestions and ideas that I can see working with the children here. We have a kind school, but I can see this focussed project having a real impact.”

Halstow Primary School, London

“Good timing - New Years resolutions etc. I have passed it onto the School Council to promote a whole school approach. Thank you.”