Leen Mills school - Hucknall, Nottingham

“Full term planning on kindness.We have used many ideas from your pack.”

Sutton-On-Trent Primary School - Nottingham

“We used the pack all year round and found it extremely useful especially the questions to ask students”

Rothwell Junior School - Kettering

“Many thanks for the Kindness UK book you sent to us. We are using your material this month as part of our assemblies and PSHE curriculum. Each month we launch a new value that has been chosen by the school council; and the one for this month is Caring and Kindness. We have sent an invitation to each parent, asking them to nominate a child for showing these values, and we will choose one from each Year Group to receive an award as a Values Champion – we have even had a member of staff nominated after he stopped and resuscitated a taxi driver following an accident; he received a text stating “the world is a better place with people like you in it”. As a school we are firmly committed to ensuring that kindness is a big part of our school ethos and look forward to continuing to work with Kindness UK.”

Overseal Primary - Derbyshire

“Both the Primary and Secondary booklets look useful and can be adapted for my Year 5 children. Thank you for this excellent resource.”

Whissendine Primary School, Leicestershire

“We are a forward thinking school who pride ourselves in innovative teaching, always looking for new inspirational ideas to help move our school and pupils forward. I am working with Whissendine Primary School as a ‘Parent Partner’ part of my role is to come up with great ideas to support and move our curriculum onwards and upwards! It would be great to get some information from Kindness UK that I can promote and pass on at my next curriculum meeting on the 4th November. Many thanks.”

Ridgeway Infant School, Derbyshire

“Please send school kindness pack for primary school. Thanks.”

Edwalton Primary School, Nottingham

“Enjoyed the whole pack. Used this to teach and reinforce kindness throughout the school. Invaluable resource.”

Swaffham CofE VC Infant School, Norfolk

“All activities look useful. We will use to support our teaching on 'Values for life', thank you.”

Westfield Community Primary School, Suffolk

“We will add this topic to our assembly 'values' themes. I'm sure it will fit in very well with the ethos of our school, thanks.”

Springfield Junior School, Derbyshire

“We will have a series of assemblies in the run up to World Kindness Day on Nov 13th and focus on acts of kindness within school. We'll also look at people who have carried out acts of kindness. A display will be set up in the hall for children to comment on others who have done kind deeds of them.”

Saxlingham Nethergate CofE VC Primary School, Norfolk

“It was used as a stimulus for collective worship - over a week. The infants did follow up with a kindness book. It made the junior pupils think about acts of kindness and whether they were kind.”

Hartest Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Suffolk

“We will use this in conjunction with our value themes we have for assemblies.”

Rothwell Junior School, Kettering

“I shall offer the pack to staff as a starting point for PSHE/Philosophy resource. The theme of Kindness is also addressed through assemblies.”

Newton Flotman Primary School, Norfolk

“Heard about you through a pack we received and then by Google hits. We decided to call Anti-bullying Week, Kindness Week instead. We are giving out certificates and one class has a kindness club. We are collecting acts of kindness to display. Our message is: BEAT BULLYING, BE KIND. This goes alongside our work on deciding what bullying is and learning what to do if you feel bullied. Thanks for the materials. Class 3 are working out how other classes could use them too.”

Southwold Primary School, Suffolk

“I thought the book was very well presented and easy to access. Some good ideas which tie in well with our school rule ‘We are kind.’ Thank you for sending us a copy. Oak Meadow Primary School, Wolverhampton

“A very useful resource. Thank you.”

The Shrubbery School, Birmingham

“Please can you send us a kindness pack for primary schools? A parent showed me a copy they had and I was impressed with the resources.”

Huttoft Primary School, Huttoft

“Thank you. We shall incorporate several aspects of your book into our PSHE scheme of work.”

Griffe Field Primary School, Derby

“Thank you for this pack - it supports our school ethos perfectly and will develop our 'random acts of kindness' an initiative we started last year.”

Ash Croft Primary School, Derby

“Lovely idea; thank you.”

Somersham Primary School, Ipswich

“I've had a quick look at this pack - perfect for school assemblies. Plus follow up activities e.g. kindness wall/kindness book. Thank you.”

New Hinksey Church of England Primary School,

“Various bits especially the bits that can be used in assemblies as we have 1 month when our special 'value' of the month is kindness.”

Norwich Primary Academy, Norwich,

“We will incorporate all of pack through SEAL curriculum Anti-Bully week and other target initiatives. Also using sessional groups of children. Thank you.”

Beaumont Lodge Primary School, Leicester

“The whole pack looks useful. I am planning to use it in my whole school assemblies to raise the profile of kindness across the school.”

Blue Bell Hill Primary and Nursery School, Nottingham

“Simple activity suggestions look useful.”

Park House Primary School, Chesterfield

“Nice ideas to use in the classroom.”

Moira Primary School, Swadlincote

“Thank you for the 'Kindness Pack'. As Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator, I am always looking for ideas for our Anti-Bullying week. I shall be using some of the ideas in this pack for this years theme - Acts of Kindness.”

St Paul's Community Primary and Nursery School, Spalding

“This looks like it will be an excellent resource. I have given a copy to every member of staff, as all of the activities can be used/adapted for all age groups. We are trying to have 2 slots per week of class PSHE time, instead of assemblies. So this resource is perfect for that. I also love how easy it is to dip in and out of the pack, so that each teacher can use the best parts for their class, rather than following a set format/programme. This will be extremely useful. Thank you very much!”

Standhill Infant School, Nottingham

“Thank you so much. It is useful to be given ideas for activities whether they are new ideas or ideas in the past and forgotten. The layout of the materials ensures easy access to the ideas.”

Lyng Church of England Primary School, Norfolk

“Lovely ideas to be used in PSCHE lessons. Thank you”

Scartho Infants' School, East Midlands

“We intend to use the book for a stimulus in assemblies, individual class topics and class circle times. Thank you for another valuable resource to add to staff lists when teaching/addressing 'kindness' as part of PSHE in our school.”

Branston Junior School, Lincoln

“It looks very useful for promoting an 'Anti-Bullying' message- focussing on the positives (Be Kind) instead of the negatives (Don't Bully). Thank you for the pack.”

Lons Infant School, Derbyshire

“Another resource to use with children in our PSHE curriculum. Thank you.”

Woodthorpe CofE Primary School, Derbyshire

“The quiz looks really fun and the activities that the children can do together in assembly will be very useful too.”

Temple Normanton Primary School, Derbyshire

“We like that the activities can be used by children in all key stages.”

Broomhill Junior School, Nottinghamshire.

“What a lovely resource. We will be using it to support our SEAL work. It has a very structured approach.”

Toftwood Community Junior School, Norfolk

“A great idea, Thank you! The vast number of ways to encourage children to be kind will encourage us to be positive.”

St Botolph's CofE Primary School, Cambridge

“We used parts of the pack during our friendship week. We focussed on aspects which related to people e.g. friends. We found the pack useful and it had very good ideas. The 'hints' were very good and extended ideas/abilities. Excellent resource!”

Great Staughton Primary School, Cambridge

“This is a useful resource to link with our assembly theme of kindness”

Charlesworth VC Primary School, Derbyshire

“I am hoping to use the pack, particularly the activities, with children attending Positive Play sessions at Charlesworth School. The resources to support the activities will also be very useful. We aim to support the children in bringing back to the classroom any positive aspects of emotions, caring for others, feelings etc which they have learned in Positive Play. Hopefully your pack will give us additional ideas and support to enable us to do this. Thank you.”

Eastlands Junior School, Nottinghamshire

“Lots of creative and practical ideas for display to remind children regularly of their kindness work. The kindness pack sits well with the SEAL work that we do. We will use the kindness pack with most of our units of work. Thank you.”

Moreton Morrell CofE Primary School, Warwickshire

“Thank you for the kindness pack. We follow Christian values themes on a two year rolling programme and this will be an excellent resource when we explore the kindness value in more depth. We also set up a kindness board in November to support Kindness Day.”

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Warwickshire

“The kindness book suggestions and downloadable resources are very useful.”

Southfields Primary School, Cambridgeshire

“It's a lovely pack! We have only one school rule at Southfields and that is 'be kind' so this pack is spot on for us. We will definitely be doing work - a 'project' around it!”

Ruskin Junior School. Northamptonshire

“Useful progression of activities”

Ketton CofE Primary School, Lincolnshire

“Lovely ideas for SHCE, RE and EYFS curriculum. The outdoor activities would be great 'learning outside' curriculum ideas. Thank you!”

Dunstable Icknield Lower School, Bedfordshire

“Good ideas that link with the values programme that we follow.”

St Mary's Catholic Primary School and Nursery, Derbyshire

“I used your resources to help bond a group of year 6 girls that were going to the same secondary school but have not had a lot to do with each other in their time at primary school. I felt this was extremely useful and is something that I hope to continue with every year if needed.”

Babraham CofE Primary School, Cambridge

“We have a value each month and this pack will be a great resource to base a new monthly value on. Any more resources like this would be appreciated.”

Blyton Cun Laughton CofE School, Lincolnshire

“We have started using the pack in collective worship. This term we are thinking about 'community' and we have talked about acts of kindness.”

Eversholt Lower School, Bedfordshire

“We like a lot of the ideas which will compliment our 'values' assemblies.”

Eastgate Community Primary School, Norfolk

“Some good ideas that we can build upon and extend.”

West Earlham Infant School, Norfolk

“The pack was very welcome as kindness is very under valued but actually quite simple.”

Houghton Conquest Lower School, Bedfordshire

“We will use this with the school council and eco-committee. Good to dip into for short/quick activities to reinforce this.”

Quadring Cowley & Brown's Primary School, Lincolnshire

“The ideas and resources look great, thank you.”

Whitefriars CofE Primary School, Norfolk

“It fits in well with the school's PATHS: particularly thinking about acts of kindness, vocabulary etc. Can be used by Eco Club as idea for things/projects to do around school etc. It is easy and clear to access.”

New Mills Primary School, Derbyshire

“I will share the ideas with staff - I can see some ideas useful for circle times/assemblies immediately and useful resources for PHSE. Thank you.”

Hetts Lane Infant School, Nottingham

“Good links to SEAL and RE curriculum.”

St Barnabas CofE Primary School, Lincolnshire

“All of it looks great, particularly the activities.”

William Lilley Infant and Nursery School, Nottinghamshire

“Many of the activities link well to our ongoing work: Supporting a local church, project building a school in Burkino Faso, kindness towards all people in our school and community and wider world, SEAL, work around Florence Nightingale, staff give 'random acts of kindness' to each other to support staff well-being, growing vegetables/plants in our gardening club. We have hatched chicks and released butterflies from eggs. We regularly have visitors to school with animals to teach about kindness. We have a Gold National Healthy School Award which incorporates children/families and staff's well-being. This pack will support all this work.”

Downside Primary School, Bedfordshire

“The activities are usful in school.”

The North Hykeham All Saints CofE Primary School, Lincolnshire

“The activities could be useful as collective worship ideas.”

Mile Cross Primary School, Norfolk

“We will be using the activities as a whole school 10 minute activity from Nursery to year 6. Thanks kindly.”

Welford Sibbertoft and Suby Endowed School, Northamptonshire

“Thank you. Looking forward to using it.”

Frenwood Junior School, Nottinghamshire

“Good assembly ideas.”

Normanby Pruimary School, Lincolnshire

“The kindness wall chart ideas are useful.”

Prospect Hill Junior School, Nottinghamshire

“We have received the pack and we do propose to use it.”

Hopton Church of England Primary School, Norfolk

“The booklet looks good and all the ideas will be explored across the primary age range. It links very well with our 'Values for Life' scheme.”

The Lincoln Monor Leas Junior School, Lincolnshire

“The activities that get the children to 'think' are most effective. This pack will link with our PSHE curriculum and values culture.”

Anthony Curton C of E Primary School, Cambridgeshire

“Will add this pack to support our 'SEAL' resources.”

Blisworth Community Primary School, Northamptonshire

“We plan to use the pack in PSHE lessons in KS2. It may also be useful in assembly.”

Kingsmoore Lower School, Bedfordshire

“The pack is great for ideas. As a basis for ideas for class rules the activities are very good.”

Croyland Primary School, Northamptonshire

“Some of the activities will help us to consolidate our ideas for PSHE lessons across all Key Stages. We have already begun to use the 'take a smile' poster around the school.”

Somerleyton Primary School, Suffolk

“It looks user friendly and the ideas are wide ranging.”

Corfield C of E Infant School, Derbyshire

“I loved the idea of Activity 7 - Kindness Zone, and Activity 10 - Kind People in History. Certificates is a fantastic idea (simple but effective).”

Brockley Primary School, Derbyshire

“What a super resource with simple activities which do not require hours of planning. A resource we can just pick up and run with! Thank you.”

Kneesall C of E Primary School, Nottinghamshire

“What a lovely idea and it brings to the forefront of your thinking about kindness and the acts it might involve.”

St Michael's C of E Combined School, Bedfordshire

“Thank you for the KS1 ideas - I am sure they will be useful.”

Willoughby Primary School, Leicestershire

“Some of the activities might be useful in circle time (e.g. vocabulary, quiz, alphabet)”

Ridgmont Lower School, Bedfordshire

“Wall Chart/Alphabet/Online resources look great - Thank you very much!”

Willoughby Road Primary School, Lincolnshire

“We will use this as a supporting resource for our Celebrating Strengths work, one of which is kindness.”

Guilsborough C of E Primary School, Northamptonshire

“We will use the pack to supplement work on values education. Kindness being one of our values.”

Glapton Primary and Nursery School, Nottinghamshire

“We have already obtained 'Investors in Pupils' award and feel this will compliment the work we are already doing. We have 'A Tree of Kindness' but like the idea of a 'Kindness Book'. The kindness club may be something we implement with our nurture class. Many thanks!”

Hayfield Primary School, Derbyshire

“Some great ideas. We are an Eco and Enterprising School, 'Respect' is our key word, which all the children know and are encouraged to be! This booklet on kindness will support this. I am giving it to my Y6 Enterprise Ambassadors, who will come up with their own ideas on how to use it to promote kindness across the school. Thank you!

St Andrew's C of E Primary School, Derbyshire

“Brilliant suggestions, thank you!”

Dickleburgh VC Primary School, Norfolk

“Thank you - Some good ideas for discussion.”

Eaton Primary School, Norfolk

“We thought we might use this resource to have a special 'kindness' week to promote this in our school. We loved the idea of a kindness tree and a whole school notice board of kindness challenges.”

Moulton School, Derbyshire

“Variety of activities are useful and can be adapted for each year group. Also, the hints and questions are useful to have.”

The Icknield Primary School, Cambridgeshire

We run values education in our school and this resource will help plan different practical activities to support that work. Thank you.

Kirkby Woodhouse Primary School, Nottinghamshire

“We have a 'value' of the term and kindness will be one of those in the future. Thank you.”

Snarestone CofE, Derbyshire

“It is very interesting to think of aspects of our school life in terms of kindness - for example our collective worship theme today was Mother Teresa (inspiring kindess) which links well, and our well used allotment as kindness to plants. We will use the pack to integrate into collective worship and values.”

Somerby Primary School, Leicestershire

“Many thanks for the Kindness Pack our school are using this resource and find everything in it very useful.”

Great Glen St. Cuthbert's Church, Leicestershire

“Will use in assemblies and in our 'Values Day'. Thank you.”

Cotton End Lower School, Bedfordshire

“The activities will support our PHSE. Thank you.”

The st. Faith and St Martin CofE, Lincolnshire

“Thank you so much for this lovely resource. It links closely with our school rules ad ethos and can be used at different stages across the school year.”

Shelton Junior School, Derbyshire

“This pack will be extremely useful and fits in well with our 'Brilliant Derby' Project. Thank you - some great activity ideas we can implement in the whole school.”

The Mary Bassett Lower School, Bedfordshire

“I am going to use it as part of our 'values' assemblies”

Halton Holegate CofE Primary School, Lincolnshire

“The kindness zone is a great idea. Looking to implement it possibly before the end of term.”

Speedwell Infant School, Derbyshire

“We are going to use the ideas for a series of assemblies.”

Woodstone Community Primary, Leicestershire

“This book will be particularly useful for children who find it difficult to interact in a positive way with their peers. It would also be useful in nurture group situations.”

Gunthorpe Primary School, Cambridgeshire

“The book is really good and will be very useful to me in my Inclusion room. I hope that we can promote this so that when the pupils return to class they can put into practise the kindness tips they have learnt.”

Wensum Junior School, Norfolk

“I'll be adding World Kindness Day to our calendar. I like the environmental kindness ideas - a slightly different way of looking at green issues. Thank you - this pack will keep kindness on our radar!”

Killisick Junior School, Nottinghamshire

“This will link into our SEAL work in school. It will also link well with: learning from others, empathising, helping others, sharing ideas, valuing others.”

Sharnbrook John Gibbard Lower, Bedfordshire

“These ideas link to our values education. Staff like activity 4 (environmental kindness) and we will expand this to our wooded area. We liked the kind people in history task which put a slightly different/thought provoking slant on history.”

Derwent Lower School, Bedfordshire

“Great ideas for values lessons on kindness as part of our values programme.”

Combs Ford Primary School, Suffolk

“I shall share this with my leadership team ASAP!”

Barnby Road Academy, Nottinghamshire

“Short, child-friendly activities which I will use in our school during lesson and assembly times. Thank you.”

Portway Junior School, Derbyshire

“The activities look like a good resource to address group/individual issues where kindness would be beneficial.”

Dalestorth Primary and Nursery School, Nottinghamshire

“I like the simple layout of the sessions. It's nice to have a resource that just focuses on one thing and promotes it so well.”

Peakirk-Cum-Glinton C of E Primary School, Cambridgeshire

“Particularly like the idea of a kindness book and wall chart which I can use as whole school/assembly themes. Also links to our Eco Club who have made bird houses in the past. It certainly fits with out C of E ethos and behaviours we promote.”

Fressingfield C of E VC Primary School, Suffolk

“We use the term 'being kind' many times a day, but young children need support to help them understand what kindness really means. Thank you for the resource.”

Albany Junior School, Nottinghamshire

“The ideas are easy to put in place and will get everyone involved!”

Thornhill Lower School, Bedfordshire

“I will use this initially with our Yr 4 class and possibly as a resource during PPA time.”

Trowell C of E Primary School, Nottinghamshire

“I will introduce this through whole school assemblies and encourage children to recognise acts of kindness and celebrate them readily. Thank you for the pack.”

Highgate Infant School, Norfolk

“Really nice activities - Thank you”

John of Gaunt Infant and Nursery School, Norfolk

“Thank you very much for promoting kindness across the nation.”

Glenbrook Primary and Nursery School, Nottinghamshire

“I like many of the parts within the pack and will definitely be making use of it within the school.”

Leen Mills Primary School, Nottinghamshire

“We will use this in our nurture groups.”

Mileham Primary School, Norfolk

“It gives you a uniformed and structured way of learning basic skills. It is very user friendly and clear.”

Swallowfield Lower School, Bedfordshire

“Nice clear presentation, easy to pick out activities - not loads to read! Very simple and clear activities. ”

Huthwaite All Saints C of E Infant School, Nottinghamshire

“We are working hard on behaviour and issues re- relationships. This pack will have a positive impact on our learning. Thank you.”

Berkeley Junior School, Lincolnshire

“This will be used by our learning mentor, supporting small groups or individuals who have emotional, relationship issues.”

Terrington St John Primary School, Norfolk

“Very useful resource, thanks!”

South Ferriby Primary School, Lincolnshire

“All parts are possible discussion points for PHSCE lessons and as additional resources.”

Norwood Primary School, Peterborough

“Useful activities to use as a whole school.”

All Saints VA C of E Lower School, Bedfordshire

“We are a values school and we have put this booklet with our other resources that are used each month to promote a particular value. Kindness is our value in November so will look forward to dipping into some of the activities then.”

Maidenhall Primary School, Bedfordshire

“Great activities to use in the classroom. It will be good to include cross curricular links with RE, PHSE, literacy etc.”

Newton Blossomville C of E School, Bedfordshire

“Many thanks for the pack that arrived in the post this week. It supports out PSHE teaching and general ethos of the school.”

Flitwick Lower School, Bedfordshire

“We will be using some of the ideas from it in May when our school value for the month is Kindness. I particularly like the idea of the kindness quiz - it looks like it will generate some good discussion. I'm sure we will be using some of the resources from your website too. ”

Hague Bar Primary School, Derbyshire

“This looks a good resource and will support our PHSE curriculum throughout the school.”

Holywell Primary School, Leicestershire

“The activities could be incorporated into initiatives like Anti-Bullying Week etc. The useful range of activities suggested give us a wide scope. Thank you.”